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Hybrid cloud building blocks 

UCConnect is a cloud platform by estos. It offers companies that use the hybrid cloud and therefore run a mixture of their own hardware and cloud software components, a variety of building blocks. UCConnect includes modules for the hybrid cloud. The online services available via UCConnect simplify the installation of the app or the communication via the contact portal or multimedia business card. Companies that do not want to install this themselves or lack the necessary know-how will benefit from the offers UCConnect provides.

Advantages of our complementary online services

  • Facilitates the setup of estos software products
  • Reduces the need for adjustments to customer infrastructure
  • Enables commissioning without special IT know-how
  • Ensures permanent state-of-the-art security
  • Controlled availability

Discover our hybrid cloud building blocks

ProCall Web Communication Services

These services enable companies to provide modern customer communication via the website (contact portal/multimedia business card):  

  • User profile on the website
  • Accessibility via the website
  • Audio/Video communication via the website

ProCall Mobility Services

These services help companies communicate and collaborate effectively when they are on the move:

  • Working on the move
  • Home office
  • Audio/Video communication

Free trial or productive operation

Free trial

  • Start directly from the software
  • Free of charge 
  • 45 days
  • 25 users or L-package
  • Shortened registration at UCConnect portal
  • No contract 

Productive operation

  • Activation key needed
  • Runtime contract (12 months)
  • Standard user scales or packages
  • Complete registration at UCConnect portal
  • No automatic extension of the runtime 
  • Extension only possible with the latest product version

Data protection

The protection of sensitive data is very important for the hybrid cloud building blocks. Therefore, all the servers used are located in the European Union, so there is no export of data. The legal framework regarding the protection of sensitive data already fullfils the requirements of the privacy regulations (EU-GDPR) and provides legal security. As personal data has been exchanged between the services, contract data processing agreements must be signed between the service-using company and estos. This is done when the services are activated.