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ProCall 6 Enterprise (Release Candidate)

Unified Communications & CTI Software Suite 

With ProCall Enterprise, companies are able to improve their communications and collaboration internally, as well as across company boundaries with partners, suppliers and customers. This makes employees’ day-to-day work more efficient and improves customer satisfaction. ProCall Enterprise can be platform-independent and device-spanning, and provides native clients for macOS, iOS and Android.

Release planned for 10/2/2017


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ProCall Enterprise – All communication functions in one application

A company's communication, both internally and externally, is becoming increasingly diverse. As a Unified Communications & CTI software suite, ProCall Enterprise supports this diversity by combining all the important communication channels in a single application. In addition to proven CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), instant messaging, presence management and desktop sharing, ProCall Enterprise also provides audio/video (WebRTC-based) capabilities in the form of text, audio and audio/video chats. The optional integration of communication functions into the business processes of a company (business-process integration) as well as having the advantage of exchanging presence information with external partners (via ederation), make ProCall Enterprise a full-scale communication application which benefits both employees and customers.

The most important functions of ProCall Enterprise
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI simplifies your day-to-day work steps and reduces sources of error. The telephone is controlled by the PC.

Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing

The simple screen sharing allows you to view and work on documents with your call partner.

Audio/Video Communication (WebRTC)

Audio/Video Communication (WebRTC)

Based on the internet technology WebRTC (Real Time Communication), you benefit from easy face-to-face communication regardless of distance.

Contact Portal/Multimedia Business Card

Contact Portal/Multimedia Business Card

The company website becomes the medium of interaction for your customer. With text, audio and audio/video chats. Cloud-ready thanks to estos UCConnect. 



Networking via federation allows you to securely exchange information beyond your company’s borders.

Bluetooth Integration

Bluetooth Integration

In addition to CTI for your desktop phone, ProCall Enterprise also offers CTI features for smartphones and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. As simple as in a car.

Instant Messaging (Chat)

Instant Messaging (Chat)

Easily share text messages with colleagues or customers, or pass on important information quickly and straight away. 

Presence Management

Presence Management

View your colleagues’ availability at a glance and choose the appropriate communication method.

Business Process Integration (CEBP)

Business Process Integration (CEBP)

Go one step further and integrate the communication functions into your company’s business processes. This creates added value.

Unified Messaging Integration

Unified Messaging Integration

Integrate Unified Messaging Services such as fax, voice mailbox, and SMS text messaging into ProCall Enterprise for additional communication functions. With ixi-UMS Business.



Connect different office locations to the same UCServer. Presence and contact information can be viewed across branches.



Integrate different telephone systems from various manufacturers into one application, whether from the cloud or on the premises. More about Multi-Vendor.

Softphone Functionalities (SIP)

With the integrated compatible SIP softphone, you can make VoIP phone calls from your Windows workstation or from your smartphone-app with external and internal participants, whether you're in your company or on the road. The softphone functions (SIP) are available for selected telephone systems and are being continuously developed further.

For a list of supported telephone systems and softphone functions (SIP), please refer to our technical information.

Contact Portal/Multimedia Business Card – Uncomplicated Customer Advice

With text and audio/video chats, companies can offer their customers personal, direct communication via the company's website. Be it as a contact portal, in which selected employees are made visible "externally" or by attaching a multimedia business card with audio/video chat option via an e-mail link. This allows website visitors to get uncomplicated advice before buying or to arrange a video consulting appointment without great effort. 

Simplified Work Steps

CTI functions (Computer Telephony Integration) saves employees the task of typing in telephone numbers manually. Potential errors are thereby minimized. Using the absence or presence register of colleagues, which is visible at all times, a communication method that is appropriate to the situation can always be selected. Audio/Video chats allow face-to-face communication regardless of distance. With these and other options, ProCall Enterprise offers a wide range of communication opportunities without requiring the user to make a choice.

Networking Beyond the Company’s Boundaries

With ederation, companies are able to network with suppliers, partners and customers on the basis of open standards and secure protocols across company borders. In this way, presences can be quickly recognized and relevant information exchanged easily. The company can individually determine which data is allowed to be viewed. Sensitive data remains protected. 

Find out more about federation

With Business Process Integration, Customer Service is Easy

Business process integration is used to link the CRM and ERP programs and specific industry programs used by the company, as well as a communication software such as ProCall Enterprise. This creates a bridge between dialogue with the customer on one hand and automated business processes on the other. As soon as the call begins, the employee is shown all relevant caller information directly in the call window. This enables the employee to immediately greet the caller by name. Depending on the connected CRM or ERP program, additional possibilities exist which the employee can use during the call.

Learn more about business process integration.

ProCall 6 Mobile – native app for iPhone/iPad – and Android smartphones

ProCall Mobile is a native smartphone app for iPhone & iPad and Android with selected unified communications (UC) and CTI functions:

  • Use the office telephone even while on the move
  • Access to business contacts and all communication functions
  • Get the last contacts quickly at a glance
  • Chat for the fast and secure exchange of messages
  • Communicate with a more personal touch: audio/video chat
  • Instant messaging and presence management, even for external business partners thanks to federation
  • Always be efficiently organized with a personal call journal

Open in Apple iTunes Store

Open in Google Play Store

Hybrid Cloud-Modules with UCConnect

UCConnect includes modules for the hybrid cloud. They facilitate the installation of selected application scenarios and the operation of required server services. The need for adaptations on the existing infrastructure of a company decreases. Implementation is possible without deep IT know-how. Regular updates ensure long-term state of the art security and a controlled availability of the software. After registration, the UCConnect modules can be used without restriction for the first 45 days. The use is optional.

Register now at UCConnect

ProCall Web Communication Services

These services support companies to provide modern customer communication via the website (contact portal/multimedia business card):

  • User profile on the website
  • Accessibility via the website
  • Audio / Video communication via the website

ProCall Mobility Services

These services help support companies to optimally communicate and collaborate on the road:

  • Mobile working
  • Home office
  • Audio/Video communication

Further Information
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  • ProCall 6 Enterprise in pictures (CC BY-ND 4.0)
  • Functional overview and system architecture of ProCall 6 Enterprise

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Technical information


Combination products for modern company communication
ProCall Analytics

ProCall Analytics is an additional module for ProCall Enterprise. It evaluates the daily communication data of a company and presents them in easy to understand dashboards. With this a company is able to gather valuable conclusions, such as the accessibility of a team during peak times. Because of the available data, optimization potentials can be identified much easier.

More information

ECSTA Series

The ECSTA series is a professional CTI and TAPI middleware. It allows the connection of a telephone system to the PC so that it can be easily controlled via this. It is also possible to connect several sites with different telephone systems (multi-site / multi-vendor technology). Thanks to this technology, a company can usually keep their existing telecommunication infrastructure.

More information 


The LDAP-compatible directory service consolidates the databases used by a company into one single information service and provides them in a consistent way. With this, important caller contact information is provided directly with the incoming call. It is also possible to switch directly from the conversation window to another application with just one click. (communication enabled business processes)

More information 

ixi-UMS Business

ixi-UMS Business is a unified messaging software specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller companies with up to 100 employees. ixi-UMS Business convinces with a particularly simple implementation and administration and supplements the company's existing messaging systems such as Microsoft Exchange Server or IBM Domino with the functions fax, voicemail and SMS.

More information 

ixi-UMS Enterprise

ixi-UMS Enterprise is a modularly designed unified messaging software for larger companies and also meets specific project requirements. It integrates the functions fax, voice and SMS in system environments like Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino or SAP. In addition, it also provides a mobile access to all messages. If requested, ixi-UMS Enterprise can be integrated into ProCall Enterprise.

More information 

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