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Native Client for Microsoft Windows

ProCall Enterprise

With ProCall Enterprise, the native client for Microsoft Windows, companies are able to improve their communications and collaboration internally and across company boundaries with partners, suppliers, and customers. This makes employees’ day-to-day work more efficient and improves customer satisfaction. 

ProCall Enterprise – animated Windows client

This video gives a brief look at the functionality of the ProCall 6 Enterprise Windows client with integrated audio/video chat. All important communication channels are combined into the Unified Communications & CTI software suite ProCall Enterprise. Companies can benefit from a wide range of communication functions, from traditional CTI capabilities to proven presence management, instant messaging, and real-time communications over the internet with audio/video chat. In addition, the communication functions can be integrated into existing company processes.

An overview of the most important functions

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) 
    Facilitates daily work steps and reduces sources of error. Telephone controlled by PC.
  • Audio/Video Communication (WebRTC)
    Easy face-to-face communication regardless of distance.
  • Screen Sharing 
    View and work on documents together. Easy with screen sharing.
  • Federation
    Secure information exchange across company boundaries. Networking via federation.
  • Softphone Functions (SIP)
    Telephony direct with the PC. Uncomplicated and safe, even on the move.

  • Integration with Bluetooth
    CTI for smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled phones on the PC. As simple as in a car.
  • Instant Messaging
    Easily share text messages. Pass on important information quickly and straight away.
  • Presence Management
    View your colleagues’ availability at a glance. Choose the appropriate communication method. 
  • Business Process Integration (CEBP)
    Integrate communication functions into your company’s business processes. This creates added value.
  • Contact Portal/Multimedia Business Card
    The company website becomes the medium of interaction. With text, audio and audio/video chats. 

Functions in Detail 
Integration of Telephony – CTI, Softphone, Integration with Bluetooth

Here, in the "My presence" area, it can be seen that two lines are active: Besides the classic CTI line (here 131) it can be seen that a softphone line is also active. Two lines are delivered to the ProCall Enterprise client. The user can have the choice: two SIP lines, one SIP line and one classic line, or two classic telephone lines. In addition, a smartphone is connected (here: Bluetooth).

Integration of Telephony – ProCall Mobile

The mobile phone icon indicates whether a contact is logged in via the ProCall Mobile App. In this case, a small icon for a mobile phone appears next to the calendar icon. We can assume that the contact is out of office, but still available. The app can be downloaded free of charge at the Google Play Store or Apple Store. A ProCall Enterprise license is required for use. 

Communication from a Single Source

As diverse as a company’s communication is on a daily basis, all of these communication functions are combined together with ProCall Enterprise in one application. A user can call a colleague via the client and then with just one click on the so-called "Quick Launch toolbar" select a contact option such as a telephone call, chat, audio or audio/video chat.

Presence Management

Presence refers to the state of a person or resource (e.g. a meeting room) and provides information on availability. In a professional presence management system, in addition to individual settings, the calendar status or the status of the telephone are also incorporated into the presence of a person, thus enabling even more accurate information on availability.


The concept of federation enables companies to network with "friendly" companies like partners, suppliers and customers, on the basis of open standards and secure protocols across company boundaries. In this way, presence information or data can be exchanged securely and easily via text, audio and video chat.

Chat with Read Feature

If messages are exchanged via the chat in the client, a double hook symbol appears. The green double hooks indicate that the message has been read by the addressee. The principle works similar to WhatsApp. This way you can always be sure of knowing whether the recipient of the message has seen and read it, and if not you can ask again if necessary.

Screen Sharing

The integrated screen sharing function facilitates collaboration with colleagues. It allows you to view documents and presentations together, without having to be in the same room or even the same location. For example, a user can share screens with their conversation partner directly from the live chat.

Business Process Integration (CEBP)

Identifies the combination of the ProCall Enterprise communication solution with CRM, ERP or special industry programs that are already used in the company. Instead of bringing another solution "in house" along with the communication solution, the leading applications such as Microsoft Navision, SAP or DATEV pro, are linked to the communication application. 

Contact Portal/Multimedia Business Card

With text and audio/video chats, companies allow their customers a personal, direct communication via the company website. Be it as a contact portal, in which selected employees are made visible to the outside, or by simply attaching a multimedia business card with audio/video chat facility via a link to an e-mail.