Easy search, fast results. Companywide.

The use of different database systems in a company makes the search for employees and contact data often very time-consuming. MetaDirectory solves this problem by bringing all the relevant information together into a central LDAP data pool. MetaDirectory is a LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server. In addition to the preparation of phone numbers (normalization) and contact details it allows an efficient and customizable search process for contacts in different databases. Thus, it allows the integration of, for example, Microsoft Dynamics Products, CRM und ERP Systems, Lotus Notes and Exchange public folders with a minimum of effort in different scenarios.

MetaDirectory Professional also has a mechanism to export the replication of data as Microsoft Active Directory contacts, XML files or CSV files. Besides it includes deploying web services via ready secure protocols (https and ldaps).

Multiple new features were added to the MetaDirectory 3:

New appearance

The web-based search portal got a whole new look and feel and is now state of the art in design and functionality. Besides the possibility to run the whole portal on an external IIS (Internet Information Services) the mobile version of the search portal suits the requirements of recent touch displays. Furthermore, the MetaDirectory 3 supports contact pictures and provides now 20 (instead of former 10) custom fields.

Improved performance

We further optimized the replication and search Performance of the MetaDirectory. The Active Directory replicator now supports an incremental replication. After an initial full replication only new, modified or deleted records will be considered. We also added a new timestamp field for changes and a deleted items table so external applications can now adapt their data with the MetaDirectory incrementally via LDAP.

New replicators

There is a new import replicator for DATEV pro which uses a brand new interface to access the contact data of the leading accountant and advocate software in Germany. Besides this a new CSV export replicator can be found in the “Professional” version. You can now export all your contact data into a CSV-file.