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Our customers tell us how the use of our software products has improved communication and collaboration within the company and across company borders, which functions they particularly appreciate and what benefits arise from this. 

Industry: Confectionery
Products used: ProCall Enterprise, MetaDirectory, ECSTA, ixi-UMS Enterprise 

AUGUST STORCK KG has been successfully manufacturing high-quality confectionery for over 100 years. Storck brand products are manufactured at three German production sites in Berlin, Halle/Westphalia and Ohrdruf/Thuringia and distributed worldwide

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Industry: Media

Products used: ProCall Enterprise, ProCall Mobile, ProCall Voice Services, ECSTA, UCConnect

Untertitel-Werkstatt Münster offers various subtitling and audio description services. The services range from German-language captions for people with impaired hearing to interlingual subtitles and high-quality audio versions (audio descriptions). This is how the company ensures the accessibility of film or series productions.



Industry: Tax consultancy, auditing, management consultancy, lawyers

Products used: ProCall Enterprise, ProCall mobile, MetaDirectory, ECSTA

With more than 2,100 employees, ECOVIS serves companies, freelancers and private individuals. In order to ensure their economic activity, Ecovis bundles the industry expertise of tax consultants, auditors, lawyers and management consultants.

Industry: Packaging
Products used: ProCall Enterprise, MetaDirectory

PACKSYS GmbH is a medium-sized company with around 60 employees at two locations. The company designs primary packaging simply and in an innovative and modern way.

Industry: Labels
Products used: MetaDirectory 

Wilkri-Etiketten G.Hoss KG is a family business with around 75 employees at its site in Reutlingen.  The company offers a wide range of label solutions.

Industry: Pyrotechnics
Products used: ProCall Enterprise

NICO Feuerwerk GmbH, based in Berlin, has over 200 years of pyrotechnical experience and is an industry expert for innovative fireworks highlights in the field of battery and composite fireworks.

Industry: Tourism, Health
Products used: ProCall Enterprise, ProCall Mobile, ECSTA

Kurbetriebe Oberstdorf represents Markt Oberstdorf, a community in the Bavarian district of Ostallgäu, which is known as a spa, wellness, hiking and winter sports resort.

Industry: Sanitary, Heating, Plumbing
Products used: ProCall Enterprise, ProCall Mobile, ECSTA, MetaDirectory, LiveChat

M. Kratzer GmbH, with around 45 employees in Augsburg, offers attractive solutions for all aspects of sanitary engineering, heating construction and plumbing. The range of services extends from repairs to the construction of complex building services installations.

Industry: Clothing
Products used:
ProCall Enterprise, ProCall Mobile, ECSTA, MetaDirectory, LiveChat

Schöffel Sportbekleidung GmbH, with 250 employees and a location in Schwabmünchen, is the market leader in the field of functional sportswear and also considers itself a manufacturer.

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