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ChatGPT: Integration in ProCall Enterprise

Your personal assistant – integrated seamlessly

You can access the features of ChatGPT without leaving ProCall Enterprise: You can communicate with artificial intelligence (AI) directly in the chat environment of your ProCall Enterprise client. Your personal assistant is always there to assist you and you can enjoy a fluent and natural workflow.

Your benefits with ChatGPT

Get the correct answer to every question: AI is connected to the internet and provides you with concise information in text form.

Have more productive conversations: The AI uses machine learning and neural networks. This allows it to communicate in an extremely natural way and have complex conversations.

Benefit around the clock: ChatGPT can be used at any time to perform a wide variety of tasks for you.

Personalize ChatGPT according to your needs: Set your tasks so that the AI reflects your requirements. In addition, the AI learns over time how to talk to you.

Make your everyday work more efficient: ChatGPT answers your questions quickly and completes even complex tasks promptly and efficiently. You save valuable time that can be used for other tasks.

How does AI specifically help you in your work?

Information gathering


You are in the middle of a phone call and need quick information on a specific topic? With ChatGPT you save yourself the online research via search engines. For example, if you want the advantages of cloud telephony explained succinctly, ChatGPT can work out the concise benefits for you and you will have all the information ready for your conversation.

Text creation


Do you need a draft for your short presentation on the topic "Connection of telephone systems"? Simply provide ChatGPT with the theme and, if necessary, the desired text length and tonality of your presentation. The AI will provide you with a comprehensive and well-structured text – according to your requirements.

Image creation


A nice teaser for the Christmas party invitation, a graphic for the next social media post or an idea for the new product design – it's all possible with the integrated image creation. Simply enter your wishes and the AI will create the right image for your ideas.



You get a German text, peppered with industry terms, and need to have it in Spanish and Italian? No problem with ChatGPT, because the AI provides you with fast and accurate translations in many languages – including German, of course, if you need to understand foreign texts.

Rephrasing of texts


ChatGPT can help to formulate information in a new way to make your texts more interesting, varied or in a new style. For example, you can have internal information rewritten into a business letter to send to customers. This will save you time to think more carefully about the strategy and planning of customer communication.

Text summarization


You have long reports from different people whose statements you want to analyze quickly? Just give the texts to ChatGPT, and the AI filters redundant information and bundles the content for you. This way you get a concise summary without having to sift through all the documents yourself.

ChatGPT is available as an integration option with ProCall 8 Enterprise Service Release 3


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