The virtual telephone system in the Vodafone network


Vodafone OfficeNet is a flexible telephone system offering from the Vodafone network:


  • Integration of mobile and fixed network in a scalable IP based telephone system
  • Mobile phone to be used as full featured extension
  • No investment in your own telephone system
  • Optimized for enterprises to substitute existing PBX with 5 through 48 extensions per location, branch offices or mobile workers

With Vodafone OfficeNet, your virtual telephone system from the Vodafone network, you can manage your telephone traffic in a cost efficient solution. The entire feature set of the telephone system is provided from the Vodafone network, business mobile phones can be integrated as full features extensions into the IP based telephone system. With the integration of mobile phones you're contactable via just one telephone number wherever you are.

No initial investment for a telephone system is necessary. You will save the initial cost for the telephone system and the ongoing charges for maintenance. A browser based administration console allows you to configure your virtual telephone system with only a few clicks.

Vodafone OfficeNet ist he ideal communications solution if you require a scalable telephone system for 5 through 48 users for your locations, branch offices or mobile workers.

Please respect that ESTOS will not be able your OfficeNet relate questions.

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Opti-onal/-mal Enhancement

Customer details will be presented on your PC with the first ringtone. With ProCall Enterprise you will be able to work qualifiedly upon customer contacts directly in your leading business process application. ProCall Enterprise is a Unified Communications Solution with CTI capability, Presence Management and Instant Messaging integration. With this offering you will be able to work more efficiently in your enterprise and even cross company boarders using Federation. Your Unified Communications Solution will provide comfort CTI features such as dial support, hotkey dialing, call journal, busi lamp field, reverse contact look up a user centric presence management system with telephony and calendar integration as well as instant messaging for dedicated users and teams.

ProCall Enterprise is committed to open standards and secure protocols to allow easy integration with various, even heterogeneous system- and database environment and support even installations with cloud based telephony solutions such as Vodafone OfficeNet.

In a heterogeneous directory service environment ESTOS MetaDirectory consolidates these data sources. MetaDirectory merges existing, distributed contact data into one company wide information service based on LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protokoll). Name-, address-, phone number-, pucture- and additional customer specific data is provided in a single, standard formatted searchbase to allow efficient and individual lookups.


// The Benefits at a Glance

  • 32- and 64-bit version for Microsoft systems available, e.g. Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2
  • ProCall Enterprise is certified as „CITRIX ready“
  • Completely virtualizable
  • Can be integrated with existing TAPI applications
  • Integration with ERP- and CRM-systems
  • Support of network features as Do not disturb, Call Forwarding


// Integration with Local Business Process Applikations

  • Easy call control and comprehensive journal
  • Presence management incl. telephony status and calendar integration
  • Secure enterprise Instant Messaging
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Federation ProCall – ProCall, ProCall – Microsoft OCS/Lync, ProCall – Jabber, ProCall – GoogleTalk
  • Seamless integration with contact data (CRM, ERP, LDAP, ODBC)

// Free Download and 45 Days Trial

All products are provided as full featured 45-days trial versions for testing prurposes, no registration is needed. The usage during the trial period is cost free and not binding.