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CTI telephony for the DATEV pro workstation

estos software for DATEV telephony base – proven many times in practice – for accountants, auditors and lawyers!

Specially adapted to your needs, unified communications and CTI modules from estos optimize communication-intensive workflows and improve collaboration with partners and clients. So that you can concentrate on the essentials: the best advice!

Create added value. Save time

Start a telephone call with your client directly from your leading application, DATEV Arbeitsplatz pro, with just one click. Regardless of whether you use the DATEV pro software in your office or via an ASP solution, with the estos modules, you and your clients can benefit from modern, efficient communication processes.

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Inconspicuous integration, noticeable benefits!

Use your DATEV Arbeitsplatz pro and the associated DATEV pro programs as usual. Via the additional Telephony tab, you get a list of all incoming and outgoing telephone calls, which are assigned to a client or a file depending on their role. Using estos ProCall Enterprise and MetaDirectory products, you can also rely on numerous additional benefits.

Use DATEV pro with ProCall Enterprise and MetaDirectory
ProCall Enterprise

Modern unified communications & collaboration suite

  • Call number identification for incoming calls
  • All important information about your business partner is available before accepting a call
  • Overview of the relevant information on your monitor
  • Journal with duration & notes for correct and easy creation of invoices
  • Optional: DATEV integration in the ProCall client

More about ProCall Enterprise 


LDAP server for simple contact data access

  • Integration of all company-wide contact data sources
  • Processing and standardization of contact data
  • Protection of sensitive and personal information
  • Various options for accessing the consolidated database
  • Safe, convenient access via LDAP browser, smartphones and tablets

More about MetaDirectory 

Integrate business processes successfully

  • Place direct calls from DATEV Arbeitsplatz pro
  • Call window and contact resolution
  • Initiate additional workflows directly in DATEV pro
  • Automatic data transfer to DATEV pro
  • Presence & chat also possible externally with federation
  • Informative call journal, so no information is lost
  • Integration of contact databases and telephone directories
  • Groupware integration
  • Management of call profiles with calendar integration
  • Smartphone integration
  • Optional: fax integration and sending SMS messages
  • Desktop sharing internally with your colleagues


A requirement for the integrated use of DATEV pro and estos is the presence of DATEV Telephony Base, the DATEV solution module for controlling telephony from DATEV pro programs.

Do you use DATEV pro and want to optimize communication processes with your clients?
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