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Success principle: business process integration

Increase productivity in your company with business process integration!

Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) simplifies your processes by integrating communication features in your existing IT application world. The user is supported rather than restricted.

Integrated business processes increases productivity in the company

As a rule, employees of a company use several systems, for example, for data or order management. These are usually supplemented by e-mail programs such as Outlook, instant messaging or CRM systems for improved customer understanding. As a result, a company provides its employees with different options for communication. However, an employee must generally change from one application to another.

This takes time, and for this moment the employee cannot concentrate exclusively on the conversation with the customer. The workflow is interrupted. The conversation stops. In addition, data must be manually updated or laboriously transferred from one system to another. This is an additional effort and often information is passed on incorrectly or incompletely. 

Remove boundaries with business process integration

Rethinking and integrating established processes is undoubtedly a challenge. After all, they have generally grown over the years and employees are used to them, even if it sometimes means repeated program changes and repetitive work. Consideration in changing well-established process structures are often overlaid by numerous concerns. However, even though these processes primarily serve a purpose, the added value that arises from a technical and user's point of view due to business process integration should not be underestimated.  

6 reasons why business process integration is so impressive
Connect processes

By initializing an additional process such as an order from an incoming call with just one click. 

Improved customer support

You can greet your customers by name and also have all important information ready for a successful conversation. 

Simplify work steps

Simple and intuitive operation promotes the willingness of employees to fully exploit the new features. 

Save time and simplify recurring steps

Edit and process information and transfer these to other programs. Create more time for discussions with the customer.

Everything you need in a master application

No need anymore to constantly change applications. Easily open the most important programs from a leading application.  

Simplify access to information. Share knowledge!

Employees can save information instantly so that other colleagues can also benefit from it when needed.

Do it like Heute GmbH

In 2014, the well-known manufacturer of shoe polishing machines decided to connect the company's existing business processes with a unified communications suite in order to bring its different applications together. During the implementation of the project, Heute GmbH was supported by the estos Expert Partner, Möller Telekommunikation, and trusted the many years of experience that estos has in the area of business process integration (CEBP). 

Read the detailed reference report

Products used: ProCall Enterprise, ProCall for Mac, ProCall Mobile, MetaDirectory, ECSTA Series 

In focus since 2010

While most ITC manufacturers have only dealt with unified communications solutions, we at estos have already thought further ahead. After a detailed study in 2008 with Berlecon Research, since taken over by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) GmbH, concerning the importance of the relevance of efficient communication for company success, the next study in 2010 (title: UC meets business – unified communications for the optimization of business processes) dealt with the potential of UC features when they are an integral part of business processes.

As one of the first German software manufacturers, we have already dealt with the requirements and advantages of business process integration (CEBP). Therefore, as a partner, you can rely on our many years of experience for your project.

Do you want to know more about the results of the study? We have summarized the essential details: 


To results

Customized individualization is crucial! 

Business process integration can provide numerous added value for a company and increase daily productivity. For this to be possible, the individual customer scenario must be precisely analyzed so that suitable interfaces can be identified.

This requires a lot of precision in advance. Here we also offer our partners support. Since 2015, estos has added accompanying technical services to its portfolio, from basic packages for installations to special packages for system compatibility checks or multisite scenarios. For each customer scenario, appropriate services are available and the customer has the assurance of being able to optimally use all the features. This is especially important for successful business process integration from the customer's perspective. 


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