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Code of Conduct


Since 1997 estos GmbH (estos) has developed unified communications & CTI software for communication for companies. We operate as a niche specialist on the interface between telecommunication and information technology in a dynamic market and reach hundreds of thousands of users.

We bear a social responsibility that we fulfil by following this code of conduct. It is the basis for all our responsible actions under different requirements with increasingly complex challenges. Therefore we establish rules to guide our way. Hereby we call on all estos employees to live this code of conduct and to take it as a guideline for business activities. This code of conduct is a commitment for estos employees.

1. Scope of application

This code of conduct is applicable within all branches of the company. All company-wide employees follow these rules.

estos deems it necessary that all customers and clients promote compliance with ethic values, law and other regulations.

2. Compliance to ethic values and principles

estos acts according to ethical values and principles such as:

  • Righteousness and legality
  • Respect of human dignity
  • Non-discrimination
  • Honesty and trust
  • Responsibility and reliability
  • Fairness in the company
    and by collaborating with customers and business partners

3. Compliance with the law

estos and all employees are obliged to obey the national and international law and regulations of the countries wherever we do business.

In particular we obey the following law and regulations:

3.1. Human rights

estos respects the fundamental principles of human rights given by the United Nations and will promote these.

3.2 Anti-corruption, antitrust and fair competition

estos does not tolerate any form of bribery, corruption, blackmail, or breach of trust. We comply with the antitrust and unfair competition laws of the countries we do business in.

3.3 Environmental protection law

estos complies with environmental standards that concern the company and its subsidiary companies and acts in an environmentally conscious way. Therefore, we handle natural resources responsibly.

3.4 Employment law and fair employment conditions

estos complies with applicable employment law and does not tolerate any child or forced labour. The maximum working time permissible may not be exceeded. Remuneration is payed according to law and regulations. We respect labour rights and do not tolerate any discrimination.

3.5 Data protection

estos ensures data protection.

4. Compliance with agreements

estos will at all times observe its duties which arise from agreements with customers and business partners and expects them to do so.

5. Assurance of compliance

Employees who question whether an action may violate this code of conduct, any law or other regulation should speak with a member of the estos management before taking any kind of action.

estos will take all suitable and reasonable steps to ensure compliance with this code of conduct and the described values and principles. Upon request, we will provide customers and clients information about any steps taken. This is no entitlement to passing on business or trade secrets or any information worth of protection such as competition information.