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CTI & UC for snom SIP telephones

snom SIP phones can be easily integrated with all common TAPI-based applications and unified communications solutions with our professional CTI middleware
Simply efficient and future-proof!

The ECSTA series for snom enables the connection of snom telephones for computer-aided applications such as call and contact center, CTI solutions as well as CRM and ERP systems.

ECSTA for snom enables applications to control and monitor the telephones via a central server and, as a Microsoft TAPI-compatible driver, provides functions such as: 

  • Start call
  • Callback
  • Toggle
  • Conference or forwarding

Special features of snom telephones

  • Proprietary computer telephony interface connected via ethernet and TCP/IP with Windows computers
  • The ECSTA snom driver communicates with terminal devices via a web-based or CSTA protocol
  • Quick setup thanks to automated reading in the middleware

Special features of ECSTA for snom

  • Compatible with all available snom terminal devices of the 6XX and 8XX series incl. release 6.2
  • Direct communication with the terminal devices, regardless of the telephony infrastructure
  • Optimized for access to many terminals (3rd party CTI)

Network scenario
Clever combined with

  • Unified communications & collaboration products such as ProCall Enterprise
  • Call and customer interaction center solutions
  • Exchange workstations 

Perfect for large networks and many colleagues

  • Provision of all 3rd party Microsoft TAPI-compatible functions for multiple snom terminal devices
  • Monitoring, inspection and control of multiple snom lines simultaneously by  applications
  • Professional 3rd party remote call control in the network for call centers, CTI and unified communication applications
  • License packages available for 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 services
  • Multisite/multi-vendor support of the ECSTA series
  • Simple initial installation and maintenance

Learn more about the ECSTA for SIP phones

Are you interested in the combination with ProCall Enterprise and would like to learn more about the product?

Information about ProCall Enterprise

More options

  • Installation versions for single-user and multiple users and mass configuration
  • Flexible call number formatting for incoming and outgoing calls as well as PC dialing via regular expressions
  • HTTP and HTTPS support

In combination with ProCall Enterprise

  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Presence management
  • Instant messaging
  • Audio/Video
  • Smartphone integration  
  • MultiSite/MultiVendor-compliant 

snom products

snom technology AG develops and sells VoIP telephones based on open standards for business customers. Together with other products that support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), snom telephones can be operated in a modern communication system. For customers of their telephones, a wide range of compatible systems are available.

snom is known for its high quality, user-friendly and cost-saving business telephones. Users benefit from snom's many years of experience in the VoIP sector, as well as the high safety standards of equipment. The high level of interoperability with estos products gives rise to future-proof applications which can be applied in the long-term.

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