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Business process integration for the cloud 

Benefit from secure business telephony from the cloud and modern unified communications features. Use CTI with NFON and extend your NFON solution with the versatile options of successful business process integration. Take advantage of the numerous additional benefits to improve your daily communication.

Flexible use of secure cloud telephony

NFON AG is based in Munich and is the leading provider of high-end telephone systems. The company offers "Made in Germany" cloud technology. An encrypted internet connection allows NFON worldwide access to telephone systems, whether by web, telephone, computer or smartphone. The company offers its own unified communications & CTI solution that can be extended with significant features by using estos products. This enables the use of CTI with NFON.

Do not miss out on modern UC & CTI comfort, even in the cloud!

Optimal integration of estos products with NFON allows you to use proven unified communications and CTI convenience features in the cloud as well. This will enable you and your employees to significantly improve communication and collaboration. Using the federation feature, you can also use CTI for NFON outside the company.

Advantages of the combined use of NFON and estos
Easy operation

Easy operation

  • Pay-per-Use
  • No administration expenditure
  • Flexible scalability

Potential savings

Potential savings

  • No costs for telephone system hardware
  • No costs for a separate telephone connection
  • Exact breakdown of costs (Pay-per-Use) 

CTI convenience features

CTI convenience features

  • No tedious typing of phone numbers manually
  • Call contacts with a click of the mouse
  • Pop-up window conveniently gives all information about the caller at the beginning of the call

Presence management

Presence management

  • See the availability of all colleagues
  • Choose the best form of communication depending on the situation
  • Efficient control of your availability

Instant messaging

Instant messaging

  • Write chats and short messages easily
  • Respond quickly – even during a call
  • Exchange important information and inquiries quickly

Business process integration

Business process integration

  • Simplify recurring steps and connect key processes
  • Everything you need in a leading application
  • Simplify recurring steps & access to information

Integration of NFON takes place via the individual telephone controls 

In order for users to extend their NFON cloud telephone system to include modern unified communications, collaboration and CTI convenience features, integration with the estos products ProCall Enterprise and MetaDirectory does not have to be controlled via the telephone system itself, but in this case by the individual controls on the telephone. For this purpose, the phones must have an appropriate interface to ensure smooth integration.

Integration via ECSTA for SIP phones 

The ESCTA series for SIP telephones from estos, enables communication between the telephone system and the IT infrastructure. This makes it easy to control telephone systems and the connected telephones from the PC.

More about ECSTA for SIP phones

Successful business process integration with ProCall Enterprise and MetaDirectory
ProCall Enterprise

By integrating your NFON system with the unified communications product ProCall Enterprise, you can take advantage of state-of-the-art CTI features such as hotkey dialing, efficient presence management, instant messaging, WebRTC audio and video communications, and Bluetooth integration. Therefore, you extend your communication with numerous options. Control your own accessibility and easily identify which of your colleagues are currently available or already busy on a call. During a conversation with a customer, any queries can be simply sent to colleagues via chat. With the new audio/video communication in ProCall Enterprise, you can have successful meetings, as if you were face to face. Or you can integrate your smartphone easily into the application, so that your colleagues can also identify, for example, whether you are having an important conversation on your mobile phone.

With ProCall Enterprise, you can upgrade your fail-safe NFON cloud telephone system with a wealth of tools for successful collaboration that enables you to work with ease and simplicity.

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You have opted for a NFON telephone system from the cloud to be able to guarantee communication and to be available at all times for your customers? Then extend your good intentions and efforts with the LDAP directory service MetaDirectory. This estos service brings together all existing contact databases in the company and standardizes them. Rather than proprietary storage of important information in different programs, MetaDirectory provides you with a single, company-wide, high-performance directory service that always provides you with the most important customer data. With MetaDirectory, you know exactly which customer you would like to reach when you receive a call and have all important customer data immediately available. In addition, intelligent processing always enables a quick presentation of the results.

With MetaDirectory you can optimize your customer data. Manage the different databases and profit from a single, efficient information service.

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