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ProCall Analytics

Identify potentials. Optimize processes.

ProCall Analytics is an additional module for ProCall Enterprise, which represents your communication data in clearly arranged dashboards. In this way, you get a quick overview of potentials and bottlenecks in communication-intensive processes and can make better decisions.


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How do you make important decisions?


With ProCall Analytics, you make better and informed decisions. Optimize the accessibility of your company and improve the satisfaction of your customers by the simple and clear preparation and evaluation of your communication data in dashboards. The information gained in this way can serve as a basis for investments, further education and training.



Functions of ProCall Analytics
Clearly arranged dashboards

Clearly arranged dashboards

Everything at a glance
Predefined dashboards provide important indicators of your communication behavior at a glance. Possible examples include evaluations based on contacts, users and projects. A management summary summarizes the key points.

Further analyzes

Further analyzes

Want to learn more?
Some evaluations are also provided with a so-called "drill-down" function. Answers to questions like "What are the main reasons for an unanswered call?" or "Which customer causes the greatest amount of communication?" can be answered with just one click.

Export function

Export function

Use the graphics and data in other programs
An export function makes it possible to save the most important key indicators and graphs in order to reuse them in presentations or documents, for example.

Minimal configuration effort

Minimal configuration effort

Evaluations with "next, next, finished"
Thanks to the seamless integration in ProCall Enterprise, the configuration effort is minimal. All communication data is automatically read and analyzed in real time.


Available on all platforms

Available on all platforms

Available on all devices
As this is a browser-based responsive application, it can be used with all popular browsers on almost all terminal devices.

Data protection is very important

Data protection is very important

Naturally your personal data is protected.
Thanks to the extensive authorization system and the possibility of limiting evaluations at the group level, it is also possible to use it in restrictive scenarios.


See for yourself.

Use our online demo system to quickly and easily gain an overview of the performance features of ProCall Analytics.

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Supported telephone systems

You can use any telephone system that you also use for ProCall Enterprise together with ProCall Analytics. For an accurate evaluation of call groups, however, the TC system must be connected via ECSTA . This is due to technical limitations in the tracking of complex call forwarding scenarios that may arise via common TAPI drivers for a connection. ECSTAs excluded from this rule include ECSTA for SIP phones, ECSTA for snom.



Information material

ProCall Analytics Flyer



System requirements


Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016
SQL Server 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 /2014 / 2016

.NET Framework 4.6.2

IE version 9 or higher; Microsoft Edge; Firefox  version 17 or higher; Google Chrome version 24 or higher; Safari 5 and 6 Mobile (iOS 7 and higher, Mac OS X)