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Smart Working – flexible collaboration working from home

Communicate easily and securely regardless of location with software from estos

Optimal availability, multiple communication channels and the secure, personal exchange of information, contribute significantly to a productive working environment. Smooth communication between colleagues as well as with customers, suppliers and business partners is the basis of all company processes. With software from estos, companies make their communication "smart" and react to the respective working environment in a flexible way: in the office, at home or on the move.

The challenge

The desire for flexible, location-independent workplace design is nothing new in itself. The need to suddenly work from home also brings new challenges. Physical separation, lack of information exchange, complicated communication channels and social distance between colleagues make cooperation difficult. The additional time required to clarify questions, poor accessibility for customers and business partners, and an increased potential for errors due to the lack of networking with important data sources put additional strain on work productivity.

Communicate simply, securely and independently of location and even at home. To ensure that your corporate communication does not suddenly break down when you leave the office, estos offers you a wide range of options for working from home  with ProCall Enterprise.

ProCall – something for everyone

Presence management, is a central component of the ProCall unified communications & CTI software suite, and enables users to communicate flexibly. Depending on the current availability, you can always select the most suitable communication channel from a variety of options.

ProCall's application scenarios are as varied as companies are themselves. But the one thing that applies to all of them is that communication must run smoothly, both internally and externally.

For companies up to 50 users

ProCall Business 

For medium and large companies

ProCall Enterprise

For companies with dispersed locations

ProCall DataCenter

Easy communication for remote working

Easy contact

With just a few clicks you can answer, send, hold and transfer your calls directly from your PC.

Short communication channels

Text and audio/video chat function enables an easy and personal exchange of information. 

Intuitive operation

Whether you use the Windows client or the Smartphone App, the consistent design offers you access to contact information in a clear and concise manner.

No additional hardware required

Make phone calls directly from your PC and use convenient CTI functions – all you need is a headset and an internet connection.

Location-independent communication working from home:

Always available under one business number

Make phone calls via the integrated softphone from your PC or use the Remote Office function. Your business number is always transmitted to your call partner.

See if a colleague is available

Recognize the availability of your colleagues at a glance with presence management, even when working from home. Outlook integration displays information about appointments and absences. 

Online personally available for customers

Via the contact portal on your company website, website visitors see the presence of selected employees. They can also be contacted directly at home via text, audio/video chat or e-mail. More information can be found here.

Networking across company borders

Through federation, you can network with customers, suppliers or business partner. You can also see their presence status and start a text or audio/video chat.

Online meetings and video conferences with ProCall Meetings

ProCall Meetings is an add-on to ProCall Enterprise and allows you to easily organize and hold online meetings and video conferences with up to 15 participants. And all this without downloads and plug-ins. Through the integration with ProCall Enterprise, scheduled or ongoing online meetings flow into presence management.

More about ProCall Meetings

For secure business communication working from home

Easy to commission:

According to the principle that estos enables easy communication, estos software products can be implemented simply and securely.

Secure access

ProCall Enterprise can be easily integrated into your IT landscape via a VPN connection, Citrix or in a terminal server environment, more information can be found here.  

In-house infrastructure

Your data is stored in your network – all sensitive data (e.g. journal data and chat messages) remains within the company.

Across company borders

Secure protocols and open standards when setting up a federation enable the secure exchange of data. 

estos Webinars

Free webinars on the subject of "Smart Working" using estos software products are held at regular intervals. 

Webinar overview


Get an impression of the diverse, industry-independent application possibilities of estos software products.


Sales channels and flyers

You can purchase estos products from authorized and certified specialist dealers. A selection can be found here.

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