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CTI for the Goliath 5.5 ERP System

Benefit from easy dialing directly from Goliath 5.5 and gain quick access to contact information 

By combining Goliath 5.5 and MetaDirectory, you can dial directly from the ERP system. When a call is received, valuable information about the caller is displayed directly. 


Comprehensive ERP software

The ERP software solution Goliath 5.5 supports companies in managing their business processes. All relevant functions for most business processes are integrated into one tool, from a traditional quotation and ordering system, document and returns management through to storage and warehousing: Goliath 5.5 users have access to all of these features. Data acquisition is simple due to its modular architecture and Goliath 5.5 can be easily and quickly adapted to individual customer requirements. 

Expansion of CTI comfort features

Thanks to a special interface, the Goliath 5.5 ERP system can be connected directly to MetaDirectory from estos. MetaDirectory brings together a company’s different databases and processes them in a uniform and consistent way. As a result, valuable information is available much faster, if needed. The connection to MetaDirectory means Goliath 5.5 users can call directly from within the ERP system. With every incoming call, all relevant information stored in Goliath 5.5, such as name, telephone number or customer group, is displayed before the call begins. This allows the caller to be greeted directly by name.

k-advice: software specialist for Goliath 5.5

k-advice software GmbH is a software and IT company from Lake Constance, founded in January 2014 by Toni Köhler. The company started by specializing in programming and interfaces for the MKS Goliath 5.5 ERP solution from MKS Software Management AG, as well as providing alternative user support. In July 2017, k-advice was granted full development rights to MKS Goliath 5.5 and continues to develop the existing solution under the new name "Goliath 5.5".