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CTI & UC for the CRM software AkquiseManager

The AkquiseManager is an industry-independent CRM software that enables you to efficiently manage, control and monitor your customer data and sales activities. The interface provided by AkquiseManager for ProCall Enterprise also allows you to access advanced CTI & UC features. 

Web-based, modern acquisition software

AkquiseManager is a CRM software that allows you to efficiently manage, control and monitor your customer data and sales activities. It was developed specifically to relieve and assist companies in acquiring new customers or generating new orders.

Integration with ProCall Enterprise 

The unified communications & CTI software suite ProCall Enterprise can be connected to AkquiseManager via available interfaces. This integration supports the smart CRM system even better in the daily contact with customers or, for example, the collection and billing of time spent on chargeable support services. A permanent exchange of information with ProCall Enterprise software makes this possible. 

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Efficiency-enhancing features
Dial by mouse click

Dial by mouse click

Phone numbers within AkquiseManager are automatically detected and used for direct dialing when clicked. This feature is partially available elsewhere or within other programs.

Log call times for billing

Caller details along with the duration of telephone calls can be selected from the automatically maintained telephone journal and transferred to the group responsible for logging project time. This way, for example, the time spent on paid telephone support services and billing can be smoothly tracked

Accept a call with a mouse click

Accept a call with a mouse click

When using softphones, calls can be accepted simply and conveniently by clicking on the corresponding confirmation window instead of picking up the phone.



Information features
Display existing information

Display existing information

If AkquiseManager registers that the number is already in the customer database during an incoming telephone call, the corresponding master data sheet is immediately activated. Therefore, the user is presented with all the caller data before the call begins

Easy creation of new contacts

Easy creation of new contacts

If the incoming call number is not yet stored in the database, it is automatically displayed in a template in order to create a portfolio for the customer. This can be conveniently completed during the call and then saved.

Automatic note

Automatic note

Incoming and outgoing calls are recorded directly in the corresponding customer file, along with a timestamp and the user who made the call.

Statistical analyses
Analyses within the customer portfolio

Analyses within the customer portfolio

You will find various statistics to help with the analyzing of telephone calls for special customers within the customer portfolio:

  • Number of calls divided into incoming and outgoing
  • Call time with customers divided between employees
  • Incoming calls to extensions

Direct registration of phone calls

Direct registration of phone calls

AkquiseManager offers you two central points of contact in order to be able to evaluate all the important data with regard to your customers’ telephone calls:

The "Telephone Data Cockpit": Here you have an overview of all incoming and outgoing calls within a certain period.

The "Received Calls Cockpit":  Similar to the "Telephone Data Cockpit", there are several options to divide the number of incoming calls more precisely according to time intervals.

Already proven in practice

Founded in 1994, the beverage wholesaler Kocher has a proven, successful track record  in wine, spirits and drinks of all kinds. The telephone plays a central role in the daily work of Kocher’s employees. In order to improve customer service and enable employees to work more efficiently, the management sought a modern communications solution. 

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About AkquiseManager

ARANES GmbH & Co. KG has existed since 2003 and offers its customers all the services they need in order to create a perfect online presence. In addition to their services in the web design sector, the company has been selling its in-house developed CRM software "AkquiseManager" since 2009. With in-depth expertise and technical know-how, the ARANES team addresses the unique needs of its AkquiseManager customers.

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