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LDAP server for easy access to contact data

MetaDirectory merges different databases into a single, consistent LDAP directory that can be used company-wide. This makes relevant data such as telephone numbers and other contact details available to all employees in the company. The intelligent preparation of the data enables easy searching and fast presentation of the results – even with large databases.

MetaDirectory – the original

Whether it is Microsoft Dynamics CRM/NAV/AX/CRM Online, SAP CRM/R3/Business One, Salesforce, Office365, DATEV pro or many other ERP, CRM, or groupware solutions, with MetaDirectory, you can easily and quickly merge all contact data sources used by your company into one central directory.

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More transparency with the new MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise

With MetaDirectory 6, we are making it easier to handle MetaDirectory licenses: You can now apply for trial licenses, activate licenses and view associated contracts online via our UCConnect portal. In addition, MetaDirectory 6 is automatically delivered with a software maintenance agreement so that you receive all updates and upgrades free of charge during the term of the agreement.

Learn more here

MetaDirectory 6
MetaDirectory and Microsoft Teams – a perfect combination!

MetaDirectory as a true multi-data tool offers unique advantages in combination with Micorsosft Teams: Bring your customer data from different data sources (such as ERP or CRM systems) directly into Microsoft Teams and use it there! Display external callers' phone numbers in Microsoft Teams, even if they are not stored in your local address book.

Learn what all is possible here

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New in version 6
Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise is automatically supplemented with a software maintenance agreement (SMA)

  • All updates and upgrades included within the term (12, optionally 36 or 60 months)
  • Always the latest software version with the highest security standards
  • Cost transparency and investment security

Online licensing

Improved service through online licensing of MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise licenses.

  • Simpler and faster support handling
  • More transparency on your licenses and contracts (including add-ons and expansions)

MetaDirectory features

MetaDirectory turns your contact data into valuable information for your company.

Protecting your sensitive data: the new user management

In times of increasing data protection guidelines (keyword: General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR ), companies must regulate and manage access to personal data easily and securely for employees. MetaDirectory makes this possible thanks to its new user management.

Joachim Frenzel, MetaDirectory Product Manager: "Thanks to the integrated user management, data can be additionally secured and the 'Need-To-Know' principle of the leading application is maintained."

Connect your data sources

Connect your data sources

Connect to contact data.

The MetaDirectory offers a variety of interfaces, so-called replicators, to be able to connect as many different contact data sources as possible. Here not only classic interfaces such as ODBC, LDAP or CSV are available, but also more and more WebService-based replicators to also integrate cloud-based systems such as MS Office365, MS CRM Online or Salesforce CRM.

Call number normalization

Call number normalization

Convert all call numbers to the same format.

Normalized numbers are the basis for a high-performance reverse search in contact data. Therefore, MetaDirectory provides an in-depth set of rules for transferring telephone numbers automatically to the super-canonical format.

Standardization of contact data

Standardization of contact data

One format for all your contacts.

MetaDirectory provides a simple option to transform contact data from heterogeneous data sources into a standardized format thanks to its LDAP scheme and the field assignment wizard. As a result, searching and further processing is extremely simplified.

Secure provision of data

Secure provision of data

Protect your contact data.

Contact data is important information for a company and therefore must also be well protected. Thanks to MetaDirectory Enterprise, the access restrictions of the contact databases can now also be mapped in MetaDirectory. This forms the basis for the "need-to-know" principle. In addition, connections can also be encrypted thanks to HTTPs and LDAPs.

Merging data sources

Merging data sources

Export your data.

The MetaDirectory Professional and Enterprise versions also have a mechanism to export your data (e.g. as Microsoft Active Directory contacts, XML or CSV file). In this way, regular data synchronization can be easily realized while conserving resources.

Connection to telephones and TC systems

Connection to telephones and TC systems

Your contact information on your telephone.

Many LDAP and XML-compliant phones and TC systems from leading manufacturers (including Apple, Cisco, innovaphone, Mitel, Polycom, Unify and snom) support the connection of LDAP directories. This makes it possible to search directly at the terminal device for contacts and call numbers and carry out a call number resolution for incoming calls.

Integrations with MetaDirectory

MetaDirectory forms the basis for the necessary interconnection of business and communication processes with the help of its diverse integration options.

MetaDirectory MS Teams App Graphic
MetaDirectory as a MS Teams app

The MetaDirectory web page provided by the web server can be directly integrated as an app in Microsoft Teams and used in the Teams client:

  • Contact search
  • Phone number search
  • Select from search result
  • Various further URL calls such as "mailto:"

More information

Number resolution in Microsoft Teams

Are you using Microsoft Teams for your external telephony? Here, too, estos offers a solution with MetaDirectory: The connection of the LDAP directory service to a Session Border Controller enables the caller's name and company to be displayed in the Teams call window, even if the caller is not stored in your local address book.

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MetaDirectoy integration ProCall Enterprise screenshot
Business process integration in ProCall Enterprise

With the help of MetaDirectory, we integrate the business processes already automated in ERP, CRM and industry solutions with the communication processes. This means that information such as the name, customer number and last orders are already available when the call is received. In addition, employees can search for contact data in ProCall.

More about ProCall Enterprise

Telephone directory integration

Through the additional connection of external telephone directory providers such as DasTelefonbuch, TwixTel, Swisscom Directories or the klickTel server, their contact data can also be accessed directly:

  • CD/DVD
  • Network installation
  • Cloud services

Examples of use

What our customers say
Supported data sources & applications

Available replicators

  • Active Directory/Global Catalogue
  • Custom Replicator
  • DATEV SDD (32bit)
  • Exact Online
  • Google people
  • HCL Notes (32bit) 9 to 12
  • LDAP (OpenLDAP, NDS, Public Directories)
  • MetaDirectory
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Exchange Webservices (EWS)
  • Microsoft Graph/Microsoft Office 365
  • ODBC (32-Bit) (Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, …)
  • ODBC (64-Bit) (Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, …)
  • Salesforce SOAP Webservice
  • Steps Business Solution
  • Text CSV File

Examples of connectable solutions

Export replicators for writing to CSV/XML files and Active Directory allow easy and automated provision of prepared data to third-party applications:

  • CRM systems
  • ERP systems
  • Groupware systems

An overview can be found here


Here you will find information material about the product and links to technical articles about e.g. setup and commissioning.


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