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ProCall Meetings

Easy online meetings and video conferencing

Flexible and location-independent workplace and working time models as well as the rapid digitalization of all areas of life present companies with major technical, legal and organizational challenges to ensure communication and collaboration with colleagues, business partners and customers. ProCall Meetings extends ProCall Enterprise with simple online meetings and video conferences. 


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The new features at a glance

  • ProCall Enterprise integration provides presence matching and quick start from ProCall Enterprise to collaborate effectively and easily
  • Video conferences with up to 20 participants. It does not matter whether you participate with or without video images.
  • With TextChat you can write and receive messages to any or all participants.


Work from anywhere with ProCall Meetings

The communication of a company, internally as well as externally, is becoming more and more diverse. As an add-on to the unified communications & CTI software suite ProCall Enterprise, ProCall Meetings enables its users to easily organize and hold online meetings and video conferences. Participation is very simple without any software download or plug-in. 

The most important functions at a glance

Integrated in ProCall

Integrated in ProCall

Use productivity benefits with presence sharing, quick start, and meetings history.



Create meetings for the future and easily edit them in the groupware calendar.

Join with one click

Join with one click

No downloads, plug-ins or guest registration required.

Up to 15 participants

Up to 15 participants

Each conference can be extended to up to 15 people.

Text chat

Text chat

Quickly share information or links with all participants or express direct reactions with emojis.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing

View documents together. All participants can share.

Highlights of ProCall Meetings

ProCall Enterprise integration: Start your meetings quickly and easily from ProCall Enterprise. Through the integration in ProCall Enterprise, scheduled or ongoing online meetings flow into presence management: The corresponding status "busy" as well as the information "in meeting" is visible for colleagues and can be combined with Do Not Disturb and Busy-on-Busy.

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Highlights of ProCall Meetings

Easy to use without downloads or plug-ins

The participants do not need to register or download any software or plug-ins. A simple click on the meeting link, and the video conference can start. 

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ProCall Meetings Dashboard personalization

Personal dashboards for organization

In the clearly arranged dashboard, users create and schedule their meetings and maintain appointments. ProCall Meetings can be interconnected with groupware calendars.

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"Personal room": Here you can define that only you can start and end the videoconference. As soon as you have left the virtual room, the meeting continues for one minute.

"My Rooms": Create topic-based online meetings. People who are licensed for ProCall Meetings can use them equally. For example, if you are late or unable to attend, the video conference can still take place.

New***"Other rooms": Now you can also see and start rooms that other licensed users from your company have organized. Once you have joined the video conference, you will see this room in your dashboard.

"MeetNow": Use this feature for one-time ad-hoc video conferences for which you do not want to create a room or a name, and which may need to continue without you.


ProCall Enterprise software suite

With ProCall Enterprise, presence management has always been the basis of flexible workplace and working time models. With its proven UC features and business process integration capability, ProCall Enterprise reliably simplifies communications within and across the enterprise, regardless of location.

More about ProCall Enterprise

Secure: Privacy and IT security

ProCall Meetings: Privacy and IT security

IT security and data protection

  • All meeting rooms can be optionally PIN protected
  • Connections are encrypted via https and DTLS+sRTP
  • User administration runs via the UCServer in the company
  • All servers used are located within the European Union
  • And, of course, ProCall Meetings is GDPR compliant
  • Updates and new features are included. So all users are always up to date with the latest technology & security

Easy: In the browser without download or plug-in

ProCall Meetings: Browser-Based software

Supported web browsers
Web browser with WebRTC support
e.g. current versions of

  • Google Chrome™ 
  • Mozilla Firefox® 
  • Apple Safari Mobile (iOS 14, iPad, macOS)
  • Microsoft® Edge

Not supported

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome on iOS
  • Old versions of Microsoft® Edge (without Chromium)

More on system requirements

Location-independent: Hybrid cloud with UCConnect

ProCall Meetings: Location-independent Hybrid cloud

  • Ensures permanent state-of-the-art safety and controlled availability
  • Enables ProCall meetings to be set up and run without special IT know-how
  • Connects to the UCServer for licensing, login and presence matching with ProCall Enterprise

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