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CTI with IP-Centrex from QSC

IPfonie centraflex from QSC with estos software for voice from the cloud with unified communications, CTI and TAPI

The combination of a flexible and scalable communication solution from the cloud, IPfonie centrafelx from QSC, with estos software enables classic single-user CTI with ProCall One and 3rd-party CTI functions for ProCall Enterprise. In this scenario, ECSTA provides Broadworks CTI middleware for a smooth technical integration.

Cloud telephony with CTI

As a high-quality telephone system, IPfonie centraflex offers state-of-the-art communication options coupled with the greatest possible flexibility and scalability. All functions are provided from the cloud. At the same time you can keep your usual secure, comfortable and professional telecommunication practices. IPfonie centraflex offers many functions and features that companies need for their daily business communication – with significantly more flexibility. In combination with estos software, the user has the opportunity to use CTI with IP-Centrex from QSC. 

Real added value for the customer

The company SEALNET from Duisburg is one of the first customers to rely on the combined solution of CTI with IP-Centrex from QSC. The ITC service company is, among other things, active in cloud services & virtual offices. The special significance of the partnership between estos and QSC is emphasized by Andreas Laege, Managing Director at SEALNET. "IPfonie centraflex with the unified communications features of ProCall Enterprise provides us with the necessary flexibility in terms of location, time and efficiency in the ever-changing service world. We have created a connection to our CRM system and therefore benefit in particular from TAPI support. Features such as caller ID resolution, central call journals and direct dialing from the CRM solution represent real added value for us!"

Flexible – on the PC or mobile

Control works either conveniently via the PC or simply by smartphone when mobile – e.g. with an iPhone. Among other things, an intelligent smartphone app ensures intuitive usability. Even when out of the office on the move, you can start, forward, initiate conferences, set up diversions and much more. At the workplace, only telephone devices (e.g. telephones) are connected. The actual location of the employee is secondary. 

State of the art

Since the launch of IPfonie centraflex 3.0, QSC and estos have been working closely together on the product side. estos has developed a CTI middleware with the ECSTA for Broadworks from Broadsoft, which translates the protocol of the platform used by QSC into the Microsoft TAPI standard. As a result, IPfonie centraflex can generally be used with all TAPI-enabled applications. The focus of this cooperation lies in its combination with the unified communications and CTI solution ProCall Enterprise, which has also been optimized for this purpose. See Remote Office!

One number – nothing could be easier

Communication is always under a uniform office number, whether in the company, working from home or on the move. Of course, the typical features of a traditional telephone system such as call forwarding, direct dialing or callback remain completely unchanged. In addition, there are also practical features such as an attendant console, voicemail and fax-to-mail and mail-to-fax features. 

Remote office with ProCall is impressive!

The Remote Office function with the combination of ProCall Enterprise with IPfonie centraflex is impressive! Simply set ProCall to reach you at home, in different office locations or on the mobile phone (such as Android smartphone or iPhone) and all your business calls will be routed there and correctly pop-up in ProCall. The same goes for outgoing calls: Dial any number through ProCall and the QSC cloud telephone system automatically sets up the dialing for the associated device.


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