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ProCall DataCenter

Unified communications & CTI for large companies and corporations with distributed locations

The interaction between people is the basis of all business processes. Efficiently organizing communication and collaboration among employees poses technical, legal and organizational challenges, especially for large companies and corporations with distributed locations. With proven UCC functions and special procedures for reliability, multi-site and multi-server operation, ProCall DataCenter offers a solution.

The foundation: Multi-server environment

One UC and media server is installed per location or per 2500 users. These work together with a REDIS database, the SQL server and the Active Directory.

The UC and media servers can be scaled as required and can work together with different telephone systems or PBXs. The UC servers are linked together to form a single system. Users can interact with each other across servers, e.g. chat via text, audio or video.

Communication with colleagues, partners and customers

As a unified communications & CTI software, ProCall offers its users maximum flexibility in their daily work. Whether from the workplace or on the move, whether via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – ProCall combines all important communication channels in a single application.

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Deployment scenarios for ProCall DataCenter

Communication is the basis of all business processes, regardless of the size of the company. ProCall DataCenter is especially suitable for companies with distributed locations or many users due to its multi-server environment.

Large environments

  • Building scalable system architectures with several thousand users
  • Possibility of connecting PBX telephone systems from different manufacturers
  • No restriction in interaction between users of different servers
  • System management by multiple administrators possible

Different locations

  • Integration of geographically distributed server architectures
  • Risk minimization through decentralized IT
  • Virtual association of users who are physically distributed across different locations 
  • UCServer availability directly at the user's location and/or the telephone system
  • Customized architectural design 
  • Advantage over SIP federation: No restriction in user interaction between sites


  • Reliability: Server failure affects only the users bound to the explicit home server.
  • Significant increase in availability by distributing users across multiple servers
  • Optional design of the central databases as clusters



MultiServer, MultiSite, MultiVendor and MultiDevice

With our "Multi" strategy, we support companies in elevating their internal and external communication in "New work" to a higher level. And this is independent of the manufacturer of the telephone systems used and connected, networked across different branches and locations, as well as across devices

Overview of functions

  • Central overall system administration 
  • License management at overall system level
  • Multiple administrators can work on the same configuration at the same time
  • Connection of external SIP federations possible
  • Multiple UCServers are linked together to form one system
  • Integration/outsourcing of additional media servers possible

Resource requirements


    Memory cache for dynamic data
  • Microsoft SQL server
    Journal, chat and configuration data
  • Microsoft Active Directory
    User, computer and group data

Per 2500 users/per location

  • 1x UCServer
    Unified communications 
  • 1x media server
    WebRTC for SIP conversion
    Depending on application and load

software maintenance agreement for ProCall DataCenter

A Software maintenance agreement is mandatory for the operation of ProCall DataCenter. This enables you to use the current software version of the programs, which explicitly includes maintenance releases (bug fixes, closing of security gaps), service releases (expansion of the scope) and major releases (expansion of the scope and extension of the product life cycle).

Would you like to benefit from additional advantages such as extended support? Then also opt for a  "Service Level Agreement".

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