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Unified Communications & CTI Software 

Since 1997, we have developed unified communications & CTI software for companies. The foundation of our success to this day is recognizing trends as early as possible and using them to design innovative products.


Why are more companies relying on UC?

The car dealership Widmann + Winterholler is impressed with estos software

"The biggest benefit to us is the chat function and the display of Outlook calendar entries. Our presence management has become significantly stronger. Furthermore, you can see directly in Outlook who has called and with one click from the e-mail you can start a callback," says Florian Arcuelo, IT Manager at Autohaus Widmann + Winterholler

The Widmann + Winterholler car dealership is a contractual partner of BMW AG for the BMW and Mini brands and has 7 locations. By using ProCall Enterprise in conjunction with MetaDirectory, communication across the different locations including connection to the database was achieved. 

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