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References and testimonials

The focus is on you: Users who use our software every day, the decision-makers of the companies who deploy our software, the partners who market our software.

They speak for themselves.

You make us proud. We value customers and partners who are convinced of our products after a few months of use. They give us the opportunity to present proven application cases of our software in practice so that interested parties can form an opinion. 

Here you will find a current overview of reference companies as well as reference and video reports of all those customers and companies that have decided to use our software and would do it again.

Vaillant Spa

Vaillant supplies its products through a wide network of wholesalers distributing thermo-hydraulic material; however, these installers could be considered our primary customer base.

Since February 2015, we have decided to implement the ProCall Enterprise suite in our office; by doing this, all the information about a caller’s identity is immediately displayed on the desktop, and we can understand  immediately  if the caller is an installer, and if he or she is an “innovative” or traditional installer.  Its native integration with Salesforce allows the creation of a new activity, and share it in real time during a conversation directly from the ProCall pop-up window.

Sesto Autoveicoli

Sesto Autoveicoli is one of the largest Italian car dealers distributing AUDI and Volkwagen brands to the automotive marketProCall 5 Enterprise has been easily integrated within the existing technology infrastructure, and the integration process between the PBX, Microsoft Active Directory and their existing CRM application (thanks to MetaDirectory) has been successfully implemented in a smooth and seamless way.Thanks to Procall 5, Sesto Autoveicoli has significantly improved the quality of their customer service, which was characterized by a challenging management of a large number of inbound calls.The average call waiting and response time have been drastically decreased: in fact, the incoming call is now immediately identified, and the name of the client appears on the screen. The call is then immediately redirected to the most appropriate channel, and the amount of time customers wait before being called back is now significantly reduced. The performance of the system as a whole relies a lot on the ECSTA for Alcatel middleware, which handles the events from and to the Alcatel OmniPCX Office communication system.

Pratic Spa

Pratic aimed to find a very flexible and a very easy-to-personalize informatic infrastructure. Furthermore the management needed an overview on the many incoming and outgoing phone calls. Pratic installed therefore ProCall 5 Enterprise and MetaDirectory 3.5 Standard and they integrated these softwares on the innovaphone PBX and on Pratic’s database (Microsoft Outlook/Exchange). Thanks to the phone journal, employees can now see who called the last time a customer/supplier or with whom he last spoke to or even how many time a customer called the company. Information are now saved and accessible to the whole team thanks to desktop sharing, phone journal, audio/video/chat and presence.

Elica Spa

Elica started in the 70s to producing kitchen hoods and has now over 3.500 employees worldwide. Elica had Avaya IP Office  as own PBX and installed ProCall 5 Enterpirse, MetaDirectory Professional, ProCall Analytics and  ProCall Mobile.

Elica’s target was to look for an infrastructure to exchange better the informations wjthin the company but also between the several suppliers and customers. ELica found in estos the solution to coordinate the informations about the presence of the collegues, about the phone calls journals and the exact status of each single activity.

Thanks to ProCall 5 Enterprise, people from different subsidiary could work together in a new way: audio and videochat were soon introduced in the company with no efforts and employees learn to use them very quickly. Even sales people, while they were at customers, could get connected with the company: they could so have the overview of the company, the presence of the collegues, the chat and the access to CRM/ERP, altough they were outside the company.

Finally, with Pro Call Analytics they implemented a business intelligence tool to manage better the time and the human resources employed during phone calls, based on easy-to-read graphs.  

Other reference videos

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Reference reports
Heute GmbH

Heute GmbH was looking for ways to connect processes and thereby reduce the workload for employees. You can read here how this was achieved and how customer data can be accessed quickly today:

Read reference report 


The company Reyher Nchfg. GmbH & Co. KG tried to meet the need of its sales department to integrate telephony processes into the existing IT landscape. You can read here how the company now uses SAP ERP and IBM Notes and why the solution is failsafe:

Read reference report (cooming soon)

Kraus & Naimer GmbH

Kraus & Naimer Produktion GmbH wanted to merge the communication of its two locations and therefore looked for a solution that was both multi-site and multi-vendor compliant. You can read here how this was achieved and how the employees now benefit from a standardized information service:

Read reference report (cooming soon)

Steinböhmer GmbH

The car dealership Steinböhmer GmbH & Co.KG planned to improve communication with customers and also among its respective locations. In addition, the specific databases were to be connected to different TC systems. Read here how this was implemented:

Read reference report (cooming soon)

Rivella AG

The traditional company Rivella was looking for a way to improve its communication processes sustainably and particularly to make the availability among employees significantly better. Read here how this was achieved and what features the Rivella staff particularly value:

Read reference report

Himmelsbach & Sauer

Himmelsbach & Sauer GmbH, as a renowned tax consultancy and auditors, wanted to effectively ease the communication with clients, authorities and offices for its employees. Read here which products they chose and how the existing telephone system could be maintained:

Read reference report (cooming soon)

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