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estos Product Portfolio

Software for simple company communication

The interaction between people is the basis of all company processes. To communicate with each other is both a need and a necessity. Communication must be simple, especially in a time of complex digital transformation.

estos enables easy communication

NEW*** Cloud telephone system

A cloud telephone system will enable business telephony of the future. You always stay up-to-date and benefit from the latest developments. Thanks to flexible licensing models, you can adapt the telephone system entirely to your needs.


ProCall Voice Services the cloud telephone system for ProCall Enterprise

ProCall Voice Services is the new cloud telephone system from estos. As an add-on, it extends the proven unified communications & CTI software ProCall Enterprise with business telephony functions from the cloud.

ProCall Voice Services means communication and telephony from a single source.

More about ProCall Voice Services 

Unified Communications

Applications for Unified Communications (UC) make communication in companies more effective. They optimize the user's workflow by minimizing errors, facilitating recurring activities and simplifying cooperation within the team and with business partners.

UC for medium and large companies

ProCall Enterprise Grafik animiert

ProCall Enterprise – unified communications & CTI software suite

Flexible and location-independent workplace and working time models as well as the rapid digitalization of all areas of life present companies with ever greater technical, legal and organizational challenges. With its proven UC functions and the ability to integrate business processes, ProCall Enterprise reliably simplifies communication within the company and across company boundaries, regardless of location.

ProCall Analytics – the analysis tool for ProCall Enterprise

ProCall Analytics is an add-on module for ProCall Enterprise that presents your communication data in clear dashboards. In this way, you get a quick overview of potentials and bottlenecks in communication-intensive processes in order to make better decisions.

More about ProCall Analytics

UC & CTI for large companies and corporations with distributed locations
ProCall DataCenter graphic

ProCall DataCenter - multi-server environment for complex requirements

Efficiently organizing communication and collaboration among employees poses technical, legal and organizational challenges, especially for large companies and corporations with distributed locations. With proven UCC functions and special procedures for reliability, multi-site and multi-server operation, ProCall DataCenter offers a solution.

More about ProCall DataCenter

UC for businesses up to 50 users


ProCall Business – compact communication for companies with up to 50 users

With selected UC functions and classic CTI, ProCall Business offers company users flexibility for daily collaboration – whether in the office, working from home, or on the move. ProCall Business combines important communication channels in a single application and can be set up with little effort.

More about ProCall Business

UC for the single workstation

estos ProCall One R2 – Software for the single workstation

ProCall One R2 – office productivity software for the single workstation

ProCall One R2 is developed for the single user, small offices and people working from home. It supports professional groups such as the self-employed, freelancers and sales managers in their communication. 

More about ProCall One R2

UCConnect – hybrid cloud building blocks 

The complementary online services are an alternative for companies that do not have the human resources or technical know-how to set up the connection of the app or the start-up of ProCall Meetings themselves. The supplementary online services make the commissioning of these functionalities much easier and the customer does not have to take care of anything else himself. 


More about UCConnect

Video conferences

Easy communication = Good collaboration. To expand the functional scope of the unified communications and CTI software suite, estos offers an add-on solution for online meetings and video conferences. Digital teamwork as the basis for successfully completing tasks regardless of location.


ProCall Meetings – easy online meetings and video conferencing

A company's communication, both internal and external, is becoming more and more diverse. As an add-on to the unified communications & CTI software suite ProCall Enterprise, ProCall Meetings allows its users to easily organize and hold online meetings and video conferences. Participation is simple without software download or plug-in.

More about ProCall Meetings

Website communication

Software for digital customer contact & video consulting extends the classic possibilities for a prospective customer to get in touch with a company by interactive touchpoints. Via the website widget, the contact portal or the multimedia business card, the employees of a company can be easily reached by digital means.

LiveChat – communication directly via the website - screenshot

LiveChat – software for digital customer contact & video consultation

Whether as a contact portal that makes employees of a company visible from the outside, or as a multimedia business card or integrated widget on the website: With LiveChat, companies offer prospective customers and users a variety of options for digital customer contact and video consulting. 

More about LiveChat

Connect telephone systems

Computer telephony integration is the connection of on-premises or cloud-based telephone system and IT world. CTI enables control of the telephone with the PC and ensures more efficient communication processes in the company.

estos ECSTA Series – Professional TAPI drivers

ECSTA series – professional TAPI drivers

  • For PBXs from the cloud or on-premises
  • Networking across multiple sites and PBXs
  • Multiple instances
  • Manufacturer-independent (MultiVendor)
  • SIP phone connection

More about ECSTA

Connect on-premises or cloud-based telephone systems

The middleware products of the ECSTA series connect different telephone systems with the IT world.

ECSTA series

Connecting phones to cloud-based telephone system

Professional TAPI driver for SIP phones connects hardware phones with cloud-based telephone systems

ECSTA for SIP Phones

Unified messaging

Unified messaging services such as fax, voice mailbox and SMS improve business communication and employee workflow through easy integration into business processes and access to important information regardless of location or time.

estos ixi-UMS – Unified Messaging Server Software

ixi-UMS – unified messaging server software

ixi-UMS is a unified messaging software where the services fax, voice and SMS can be managed under one interface. All types of messages (e-mails, faxes, voice messages and short text messages) are available to the user under the usual e-mail interface at the PC workstation. Sending and receiving are done in the usual messaging client such as Microsoft Outlook or HCL Notes. In addition to the workplace, the user can also access his inbox out of the office via smartphone or tablet and retrieve, listen to and manage any messages. 

Simple complete package for small and medium-sized companies
ixi-UMS Business

Modular design, flexible use. Ideal for large companies
ixi-UMS Enterprise

More about ixi-UMS

Integrate and synchronize contact data

Link your telephone system and CRM system with the MetaDirectory from estos. This means less searching and faster finding. That makes your company more efficient and your customers more satisfied.

estos MetaDirectory – LDAP server for easy access to contact data

MetaDirectory – LDAP server for easy access to contact data

MetaDirectory merges different databases into a single, consistent LDAP directory that can be used company-wide. This makes relevant data such as telephone numbers and other contact details available to all employees in the company. The intelligent preparation of the data enables easy searching and fast presentation of the results – even with large databases.

More about MetaDirectory



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