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estos Reference Customer:
Günther Spelsberg GmbH & Co.KG

Günther Spelsberg GmbH & Co.KG

Schalksmühle, Buttstädt

450, including 200 using estos Software

The Company

Günther Spelsberg GmbH & Co. KG is a market-leading company in the electrical industry with 115 years of experience in the fields of electrical installation and enclosure technology. A total of around 450 employees work at the head office in Schalksmühle, the production plant in Buttstädt and in subsidiary companies. Approximately 200 workstations at the main location in Schalksmühle and in the administration of the production plant in Buttstädt are equipped with estos software.

Computer telephony integrated into Salesforce and proALPHA business processes

The integration of ProCall Enterprise with Salesforce comprises four components: Caller identification, the search for contacts with the ProCall client in the connected data, direct access from the call window to the connected application, and hotkey dialing for outgoing calls directly from the cloud CRM.

Caller identification and contact search

MetaDirectory plays the central role in caller identification and the search for contacts. It replicates data from Salesforce to an LDAP directory, standardizes it, and automatically normalizes phone numbers. When a call comes in, ProCall Enterprise's UCServer performs a reverse search in the MetaDirectory and displays the results in the call window. It is also possible to search for names, numbers or other parameters such as a customer number directly from the ProCall Client. The LDAP directory is maintained on-premises. The dedicated Salesforce Replicator allows you to map contact data directly through Salesforce's standard SOAP API: A field assignment wizard makes it easy to select the data fields needed for communication. It then replicates the data from the Salesforce cloud CRM software to the MetaDirectory.

Access to applications and hotkey selection

The integration of business processes means that the user can switch from the call window directly to the respective data record in Salesforce with a click of the mouse. For this purpose, an extension of the window is set up on the UC server of ProCall Enterprise by estos experts according to the customer's individual requirements. By means of a specially developed HTML page, links or buttons can also be stored here, with which various forms, such as the customer card in Salesforce, can be opened directly. In addition, further information on the respective contact, such as the customer number or open offers, can be displayed if required. If the user works in the CRM system and wants to initiate a call via a hotkey, the process is reversed: Salesforce transmits the number to ProCall Enterprise in the company network.

The integration into proALPHA

The integration with proALPHA, the ERP system from Spelsberg, works via a simple CSV export, the data, mainly of creditors, suppliers and service providers, is thus made available in MetaDirectory for easy search and caller identification.

Installation, administration and commissioning

The ProCall Enterprise UC Server runs together with MetaDirectory on a virtual server at Spelsberg. The ECSTA driver establishes the connection to the PBX Unify OpenScape Business. The ProCall clients are installed on the respective workstations. The entire project took just under seven weeks, the installation itself was completed within one week. Highlight des Projektes ist die tiefe Geschäftsprozessintegration in Salesforce und in proALPHA. After training by SIEVERS-GROUP, the employees were able to use the new functions immediately.

Before estos: Simple TAPI functionality

"Before the introduction of the estos products we made do with a basic TAPI functionality," says Sören Berka, responsible for IT+Organization at Spelsberg. "In order to use a professional CTI solution, the company first looked at the PBX manufacturers themselves." The individually adaptable business process integration with Salesforce and proALPHA were the decisive factors for the decision in favor of estos. "Dialing marked phone numbers and the fast search in almost 70,000 data files with the help of MetaDirectory is what our employees value most," says Sören Berka.

Outlook: Integration of mobile employees

"I would make the decision to buy estos software anytime again. Both the integration with the CRM and ERP system and the further optimisation of communication between our internal sales force and supply chain management have fully met our expectations," concludes Sören Berka. Currently Spelsberg is testing the integration of 10 field service colleagues via the ProCall Mobile App.

estos Software

 IT Infrastructure

  • Salesforce
  • proALPHA
  • OpenScape Business

ICT Partner

  • SIEVERS-SNC Computer & Software GmbH & Co. KG