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Reference videos
In our reference videos, we present selected companies that portray, together with their estos partner, their currently used company solution.

Pratic Spa
Industry: Manufacturing industry 
Products used: ProCall Enterprise and MetaDirectory

Pratic aimed to find a very flexible and easy-to-personalize informatic infrastructure. Furthermore, the management needed an overview of the many incoming and outgoing phone calls. Therefore, Pratic installed ProCall 5 Enterprise and MetaDirectory 3.5 Standard and they integrated this software with the innovaphone PBX and Pratic’s database (Microsoft Outlook/Exchange). Thanks to the phone journal, employees can now see which customer/supplier last called, the name of the caller or even how many times a customer called the company. Information is now saved and accessible to the whole team, thanks to desktop sharing, phone journal, audio/video/chat and presence functions.


Elica Spa
Industry: Manufacturing industry
Products used: ProCall Enterprise, ProCall Analytics and MetaDirectory

Elica started in the 1970s by producing kitchen hoods, and now has over 3,500 employees worldwide. Elica had Avaya IP Office as their PBX and installed ProCall 5 Enterprise, MetaDirectory Professional, ProCall Analytics and ProCall Mobile. Elica’s target was to develop their infrastructure to exchange information better within the company, and also between their suppliers and customers. In estos, Elica found the solution to coordinate all presence information about the availability of colleagues, as well as phone calls journals and the exact status of each activity. As a result, they did not have to make any additional, specific investments, yet they were able to noticeably improve their communication.

Heute GmbH
Industry: Mechanical engineering 
Products used: ProCall Enterprise, MetaDirectory and ECSTA series

Heute GmbH decided to improve their telephone-intensive processes by choosing estos, with the support of Möller Telekommunikations GmbH. estos offered the right work tools to realize this in a simple but effective way with their products: ProCall Enterprise, ProCall for Mac, ProCall Mobile, MetaDirectory and the ECSTA series.


International Innovation Company (IIC)
Industry: Producer of consumer goods 
Products used: ProCall Enterprise and MetaDirectory

The leading company from the Netherlands, known among other things for the Vacu Vin product line, decided on ProCall Enterprise to optimize their communication-intensive processes in the service department. When a call is received, users can immediately see which products the customer does not yet have and can change to the relevant database with just one mouse click. Time-saving CTI convenience features round off the solution used.