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Efficient acquisition management in times of digital transformation

Whether it is called business development, cold calling or client acquisition: The activity by companies of acquiring more customers is one of the most demanding and necessary. It doesn’t matter if this is done in the classical way via telephone and letter, or online with the help of banners and ads: The need for companies to constantly gain new customers is high. As a result, companies are expanding their customer groups, gaining new project experience and raising their profile. All this is essential for the long-term success of the company.

In times of digital transformation, in order to improve any internal and external communication and increased customer demands, current acquisition activity must be critically examined and adapted to the needs of the digital age. For this reason, estos and ARANES have agreed to cooperate. ARANES, which is well known for the CRM software AkquiseManager and the UC & CTI software manufacturer estos, help companies to digitize and facilitate their acquisition activities. The focus is on the effective use of information.

For example, if a prospective customer that has been painstakingly acquired contacts a company for the first time, your employee should be provided directly with all of the information known about them. Nothing is more annoying than the prospective customer having to repeat all the information already previously provided. Or, they are not registered in the appropriate customer program. These are the exactly the weak points of analog acquisition.

As a CRM software, AkquiseManager, records all sales activities such as the sending of e-mails or telephone calls with a prospective customer. Any existing information is clearly presented to all parties within the company. Text templates facilitate the compilation of e-mails or letters. Comprehensive statistics provide information on which new customer campaigns are running well and where there is room for improvement.

By combining the sophisticated CRM software AkquiseManager with the unified communications & CTI software suite ProCall Enterprise additional value for companies is created, as the CRM solution, which is important for daily work, is combined with an equally important communication solution. This combination supports internal collaboration by providing all the major communication channels in one application. Telephone, e-mail, fax, text, audio or audio/video chat – each communication channel is selected with a single click.

Thanks to the intelligent presence management system, the current availability of other colleagues is displayed at all times, even across different locations. At the same time, for example, any information and sales activities about the caller stored in AkquiseManager are immediately available when the call is received. If, during an incoming telephone call, AkquiseManager registers that the number is connected to a customer data record, the associated master data sheet is immediately called up. If the incoming number has not yet been stored in the database, it is automatically displayed in the template for creating a new customer file. An employee can easily edit this during the call and then save it.

Companies that choose a combination of the two manufacturers ARANES and estos benefit from smooth integration of the products. Software from estos has been well known for many years for its high product quality and for focusing on the future. In addition, the software is completely developed in Germany and operates in an ISO-certified German data processing center. For more information about how AkquiseManager interacts with ProCall Enterprise, click here