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New: Combined discount for ProCall Enterprise and ixi-UMS Business

Combine even more communication channels and secure your combination discount from 15th August – 31st December 2018

Fax is still indispensable for many companies as a communication medium. Due to its convenience, billing authorization and security, the fax is, for example, the preferred communication medium in many medical practices. However, Deutsche Telekom will change their public telecommunications network from ISDN to VoIP in 2018 – keyword: all-IP. This means that medical practices that use a non-IP-capable telephone system must retrofit or replace them accordingly. As a result of this changeover, analog fax machines will reach their limits.

With ixi-UMS Business, estos offers a unified messaging software that has been specially developed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. ixi-UMS Business is all-IP capable and can be used smoothly after the switch from ISDN to all-IP. A smart extension of ixi-UMS Business is also possible. For example, the software can be integrated into the Unified Communications & CTI Software Suite ProCall Enterprise. This combines ProCall Enterprise, which integrates communication features such as phone, chat, and e-mail into one application, and adds capabilities such as presence management, Bluetooth integration for smartphones, or federation:

  • Unified messaging messages can be retrieved with ixi-UMS Business via the PC, phone, tablet or smartphone 
  • Send and receive faxes or send SMS directly via the PC or on the move
  • Software-based, personal answering machine through the "Voice" function 
  • User-friendly, intuitive usage through integration into the normal e-mail client 
  • Configure the voice mailbox via ProCall Enterprise 
  • Management of the ixi-UMS journal in the ProCall Enterprise client

    For companies looking for an all-IP enabled fax solution, while at the same time improving their existing communications, estos offers an exclusive combination discount for ProCall Enterprise and ixi-UMS Business. This can be claimed up until 31st December 2018.