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Secure networking for companies

Driven by the shift in communication to internet-based media such as chat, the trend for investments in this environment is heading towards the use of a UCC system that in principle allows every company and every organization to set up its own domain for multimedia communication without any great effort.

Federation – for trustworthy and secure collaboration 

Keep in touch with important contacts. Whether in the country or abroad – federation is the solution. Unlike in the private sphere where there is enough social media such as Facebook and others for an exchange with friends and acquaintances, other conditions apply for secure networking in the business environment. 

The organization network based on the concept of federation is optimal for a trustworthy collaboration of people and the required interoperable systems. 

The specific application: Federation – for successful communication beyond company borders

Use federation to network with your suppliers, customers and partners on a MultiSite & MultiVendor basis. With your own presence domain, you are accessible at any time and still have control over your channels. Communicate beyond the borders of your own company securely and with the latest technologies.

Forward-looking UCC systems offer federation... 

A federation-capable unified communications & collaboration system allows each employee to set up a personal address whose syntax is usually the same as the e-mail address. As a result of the presence created, the employee is visible and available for colleagues, interested parties, customers and partners on the internet (controllable). Together with telephone and e-mail, the employee can also chat.

...and take into account personal needs 

In this professional framework, a company gives employees the opportunity to decide for themselves which information they want to specify. They can also choose whether  to accept queries from unknown/known contacts, similar to deciding whether they give a customer their own personal extension or not. In this way, the employee keeps control of their selected availability options. 

Open standards and secure protocols allow a variety of application options

Federation is a modern internet networking concept for organizations based on open standards and secure protocols. As part of the "trusted network" of federation, employees of "friendly" companies can exchange relevant data without complication. Federation is based on open standards (SIP/SIMPLE & XMPP) and secure protocols (MTLS) and allows for significantly improved collaboration beyond company borders. This results in several application options for communication media across providers, e.g. Lync 2010/2013 or Jabber IM-Clients. ProCall 5 Enterprise supports the XMPP protocol and allows a network with platforms of other manufacturers such as Cisco (Jabber) and

Federation & WebRTC: Modern audio/video communication that transcends borders

Federation provides a secure approach for trusted collaboration but it requires interoperable systems. This is not a problem in the B2B environment. For an unknown prospective customer who wants to make contact with a company on an ad hoc basis as part of B2C communication, the federation concept is not very suitable, as the contact does not have the necessary position of trust or the required software. 

WebRTC offers a suitable solution precisely for these scenarios so that the decisive technical basis for real-time communication features and thus audio/video communication via a browser is made possible. Today WebRTC-based technologies are already integrated in the DNA of ProCall Enterprise to such a degree that in the years ahead companies can gradually expand their website into a modern communication portal.