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Integration with Bluetooth 
"As easy as in the car"

ProCall Enterprise users can connect mobile phones and PCs anytime via Bluetooth. It allows the use of all CTI functions and the control of the smartphone. 

Integration with Bluetooth

Via Bluetooth, mobile phones can be connected to the PC. This connection allows you to control and to monitor the phone. Audio devices connected to the PC (e.g. headphones) can additionally be activated for a call.  The requirement for successful integration is that the mobile phone supports the Bluetooth speakerphone profile, like the hands-free system found in a car.

Integration with ProCall Enterprise

  • Phone book
    Optional integration of the phone book is possible and enables the search of contact data in the client, which is only stored in the phonebook. 
  • PC audio devices 
    In order to make phone calls via the mobile phone with audio devices connected to a PC, please activate the setting "Use PC audio devices" in advance. 

  • Offline journal
    If the Bluetooth connection is interrupted and later restored again, any interim phonecalls will be subsequently synchronized with the journal. Please note that the call duration time cannot be registered in the offline journal. 

Pair new devices with a PC (Bluetooth pairing)

To use your mobile phone, first pair it with the PC (Bluetooth Pairing). On the mobile phone, you must activate the Bluetooth function so that the mobile phone is visible while the PC searches for new devices in the Bluetooth device management of the Windows® system. Once the mobile phone is successfully connected to the PC, it will appear among the list of usable mobile phones in the Bluetooth settings.  You can automatically use all mobile phones that are connected to the PC. Alternatively, you can select only the phones that you want to use from the list of paired devices. 

If the mobile phone is successfully connected to the ProCall client, you will see a green line icon in the presence area of the main window. If no Bluetooth connection is available, this line icon will be grey.  If you have more than one line, we recommend that you first select the line you want to use for outgoing calls. Afterwards, enter the number of the person you want to call or choose an active contact from your favorites. Then click on the call icon.