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Mobility with UC & CTI: mobile work as a strategic success factor!

The workplace of the future is becoming decentralized.

The trend towards mobile work continues. "Consumerization" – the use of privately acquired mobile devices for support in daily work – is ever increasing. Clever companies offer their employees solutions for this. 

More and more employees demand from companies the opportunity to use their private mobile devices at work so that they thereby provide daily support in communication intensive processes. If companies do not want to take a step back in the struggle to find qualified employees, they should find a practical solution that covers the needs of employees as well as the company.



On the one hand, the mobile devices of the employees must be integrated in the company IT. On the other hand, sensitive company data must be protected as extensively as possible and IT security regulations for secure handling must be presented. A mobile application must solve all of this to be suitable for use in the business environment.   

UCC as a consequence of changed working conditions
Versatile options 

UCC solutions have arisen as a consequence of changing work requirements to meet the newly emerging needs of employees. Thanks to CTI functions, presence and information management as well as options for speech, messages, conferences, Instant Messaging and the integration of CRM, ERP and industry applications, a UCC system helps to simplify recurring and connected work steps and reduce human errors without unnecessarily restricting the user and regulating his actions.

Utilize personal responsibility 

Users should be able to decide for themselves which features they want to use. Using presence and status specifications, they can choose the suitable communication channel to contact a colleague or to be contacted themselves. Call, chat, conference – there are numerous options. The use of private, mobile devices in the company increases the flexibility of employees. E-mails can be answered on the way to work and work phone calls can also be taken. Regardless of the location and time, the employee always has access to the latest company data. 

Expand the sphere of influence

Mobile devices expand the UCC sphere of influence from desktop use to the smartphone, tablet and more. Thanks to the professional integration of mobile devices with a UCC application, employees on the move have the same knowledge as colleagues at the workplace. If mobile employees can access relevant data from industry solutions, CRM or ERP systems from their smartphones, this results in an overall improvement of business processes, because important information is made available independent of time or location. 

Separate company data and use
The eternal challenge: providing freedom & defining limits 

The eternal balancing act can only be solved if employees accept the mobile solution and the associated rules, and the solution simultaneously provides a perceptible added value and does not restrict them. To protect sensitive data, the application must separate between company data and use. Suitable interfaces should be accessible to employees in a controlled manner. 

Implementation with ProCall Mobile 

ProCall Mobile implements the described challenge as follows: in a native app, users have access to the presence information of their important business contacts – they see the current call list from their office telephone and can promptly respond to all incoming and missed calls on the move. Using the Remote-Office feature, they can make calls via their office number, if supported, as the smartphone first establishes a connection to the telephone system in the office and then calls the contact. The user can also search the contact data of the company, if required, and perform actions such as sending an e-mail or making a call. 

ProCall Mobile 

Use selected unified communications and CTI features via all commonly used mobile devices. In this way, you also benefit from efficient communication when traveling. With ProCall Mobile, you always have important data about your business contacts and relevant information at hand when you need it. Write e-mails on the move or take care of important telephone calls on the way to the office. ProCall Mobile supports you in your mobile working life. 

An overview of the most important features

The office telephone when traveling improves your availability. 

The call journal that is available on your mobile device provides a complete overview of all telephone calls. 

Connection of commonly used CRM, ERP and industry software for current and correct contact data. 

Instant messaging & presence management for internal and external business contacts via federation. 

Plan calls at the workplace and complete them when on the move. 

Independent TC systems across locations 

The trend towards mobile work will continue!

The mobile workplace allows people to work from anywhere at any time. Studies have found that employees achieved a productivity increase of up to 45% if they could use mobile applications to complete their work.

Get your own impression and test ProCall Mobile without commitment. You only need a ProCall Enterprise installation. Then use the access data from this to log on directly in the app. 


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