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Audio/video communication directly via the browser 

The internet-based technologies that developed with WebRTC allow real-time communication directly via the browser. As a result, users can today benefit from uncomplicated audio/video communication without the installation of additional plug-ins or software. estos is working continuously to realize further options based on this technology.

WebRTC – Communication via the browser

WebRTC is understood as a standardization of techniques and protocols for communication and collaboration in real-time on the internet. Real-Time Communication – abbreviation: RTC. These technologies and protocols enable the direct peer-to-peer connection of two subscribers, for example, two web browsers. The exchange of audio/video and other files is made possible via this connection.

Conclusion: Speech and video telephony is made possible directly via the browser using WebRTC – a revolutionary innovation with a disruptive potential!

WebRTC – New possibilities of communication

Through open standards and easy implementation, WebRTC, which supports the development of cost-effective communication solutions, can make existing proprietary solutions (such as Skype) obsolete in the medium to long term. The quality of the defined codecs enables a high quality that is completely sufficient for normal business use. WebRTC-compatible browsers are now available on almost all end devices, which is why web applications based on WebRTC have the chance to reach many different end devices.

A potential that decision makers should not underestimate!

WebRTC – More than just hype 

There are attractive options for companies that rely on WebRTC-based products. Employees working from home can stay in contact with their colleagues via audio/video chats and exchange projects and current topics directly. Video conferences in "small rooms" are also possible without a problem. This also provides an opportunity to make direct contact with potential customers and interested parties. If an interested person can speak to company employees using different channels via the website of a company, the potential customer can be simply and easily integrated into the business process. 

Modern communication

The browser becomes the communication endpoint with WebRTC. Communication via a website with the aid of WebRTC can therefore herald a new kind of company communication. The solutions provide a personal and efficient opportunity for communication and collaboration for B2B and B2C relationships from which small companies and large groups benefit. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular can benefit immediately from the introduction of a new affordable generation of professional communication solutions in their support, sales and marketing departments. 

ProCall Enterprise with WebRTC: Sustainable and practical! 

Video communication is a feature that provides users with benefits on an ad hoc basis. As the mobility of the working world and distributed company sites are ever increasing, video communication and web collaboration facilitate and simplify work sustainably. 

For this reason, ProCall Enterprise has offered WebRTC-based audio/video communication since May 2014 und also won the funkschau readers' poll 2014 (only in German). The WebRTC based technologies are already so integrated in the DNA of ProCall 5 Enterprise that a company can gradually expand its website to become a modern communication portal in the coming years. 

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Super tool WebRTC? That's why the new technology provides such application potentials 

The customer focus is by now far more than a declaration of commitment. Customer-focused thinking has to be practiced by the entire company for a long time. This also brings about changes that have recently been supported by the digital transformation as a driving force. Digital media opens up completely new ways for customer interaction and loyalty with innovative touchpoint concepts and personalized information. 

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Browser support

As WebRTC is supported by many internet browsers, a solution based on this technology has the advantage that users can communicate with each other on an ad hoc basis without the use of additional plug-ins. This is why a communication solution based on WebRTC is predestined for use on company websites. For example, employees responsible for the general public can be approached from a contact portal on the "outside" via the website. 


More service with WebRTC

For companies with online shops that offer products and services requiring intensive support or need explanation and for which the advisory service is decisive for purchase, a WebRTC-based communication solution offers the opportunity to establish a new direct communication channel to the customer. There are absolutely no barriers for making contact. The unknown prospective customer is directly included in the business processes of the company using the dialog in real-time. 

Business process integration with WebRTC

In the future, almost all IT applications can now be equipped with communication functions, especially those in which information and interfaces to prospective customers, clients and partners play a particularly important role. With WebRTC, unknown callers can now be consciously involved in the company's focus for the first time. Therefore, the process of new customer contact becomes part of the business process integration from the very beginning.

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