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Our Vision

Companies that today use websites to inform people will also use these websites to communicate with people tomorrow.

People appreciate it when they can communicate out of context, ad hoc and without technical hurdles with the best possible contact partners and via the medium of their choice. Our software makes this possible, in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Does your website already speak?

We believe that companies that inform people today using websites will also use these websites tomorrow to communicate directly with them. Easy and straightforward.

If employees, interested people, customers and business partners can talk via their website with you or your employees in the future and our software makes this possible, then we have achieved what we want.

Technically, this is not a problem today. However, the implementation and handling for all participants is still quite laborious and in terms of organization, there is also a lot to learn. We are facing up to this. We will integrate cutting-edge technologies in our software so that you can use it in the best available solutions for the office routine.

Background: With TAPI, Microsoft has made an initial, technically important contribution to the development of the CTI market segment, which estos has decisively shaped in the first ten years. In the second decade of the estos history, the topic of Unified Communications dominated the estos business: a conceptual approach that is designed to simplify multimedia communication for the user in the business environment. With WebRTC, estos has now identified a new technology concept that has the potential to greatly change the world of telecommunications, notably communication solutions for companies.

The focus of WebRTC is the browser as a "communication device": In combination with other recent technologies, users can network easily and securely. Additional barriers are removed with the application. The estos team will also actively shape the emerging technologies and markets in the future so that people will be able to communicate and collaborate in a professional context more easily. In the spirit of our brand claim: enables easy communication.

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