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R+V Betriebskrankenkasse


approx. 330, 300 using estos software

The Company

The R+V Betriebskrankenkasse serves around 160,000 insured persons. It was initially founded in 1992 for the employees of R+V Versicherung AG. It has been open nationwide since 2002. Just under 40 percent of the insured come from the cooperative FinanzGruppe environment.

The Challenge

At least 300 employees, divided between office staff and homeworkers, around 180,000 contact records and around 1,500 telephone calls per day – these are the facts. The objective of the R+V Betriebskrankenkasse was to maintain an overview and to optimize internal cooperation and communication with the insured at the same time. Swen Walter, a consultant in the IT department, met the challenge with the help of software products from estos.

The Solution

The road to unified communications

"It wasn't that easy to find suitable software," says Swen Walter. "After all, the solution not only had to provide the appropriate functions, but also be able to work with NFON's cloud telephone system and support decentralized workstations, specifically for people working from home." A joint business contact brought R+V Betriebskrankenkasse  into contact with the IT system house SIEVERS-GROUP.  


Here, the software products from estos were recommended to him due to the many years of successful cooperation and numerous joint customers. After comprehensive consulting and analysis of the infrastructure by the experts of the SIEVERS-GROUP, R+V Betriebskrankenkasse decided on ProCall Enterprise in conjunction with ECSTA for SIP Phones, MetaDirectory and ProCall Analytics.

The presence management system

Who can I call directly at the office and who is working from home? Who can I call and who is already on the line? Who is free and to whom can I transfer a caller? These are the questions that R+V Betriebskrankenkasse employees ask themselves every day. Working more effectively and efficiently here has been achieved with the help of the presence management function integrated in ProCall Enterprise. The ProCall Favorites or the ProCall Monitor provide an overview of the status of colleagues at any time: available in the office or working from home, on a call, in an appointment or absent.


For example, you can contact them in person, via chat, by phone or audio/video. "But presence management also helps us enormously to improve our communication with policyholders," Swen Walter continues. "Our policyholders expect us to be available to them by phone, and, of course, they want to have their usual contact person on the line. Using the ProCall monitor, employees can not only see who is free, but can also simply transfer the caller straight away.

ECSTA for SIP phones

"For me, ProCall Enterprise is a communications platform that perfectly supports decentralized workplaces," explains Swen Walter. "Employees simply took their phone out of the office, connected it to their router and were able to continue working smoothly at home." Here, the ECSTA for SIP phones ensures that the SIP end device connected to the cloud PBX – in the office or in the home office – can be controlled via the PC. This link between the IT and TC worlds, i.e. CTI, makes work faster and more effective.


CTI makes work faster and more effective: Dialing, callbacks and forwarding are almost automatic. Errors in the daily work routine are minimized, and dialing is almost non-existent. The estos software is used at all workstations – centralized and decentralized – in the office or at home, in the service center, the customer department and the accounting department. The time saved means that employees can now process mail backlogs more quickly, for example, and more phone calls can be made in the service center. "This makes us more responsive to customers," explains Swen Walter.


When a call comes in, employees receive important information such as the caller's name and membership number in a call window on the screen. This allows them to quickly switch to the data record and view additional information. They can also use the ProCall client to search for a contact and dial them directly. To ensure that the search required for this provides the results as soon as the phone rings for the first time, the data is stored in a consistent LDAP directory.


This means that ProCall Enterprise does not have to access the different sources. The MetaDirectory combines all the contact data available in the company, for example from Microsoft Active Directory and the health insurance software, standardizes it and normalizes the phone numbers. This means that the information can be made available to employees quickly and effectively.

ProCall Analytics

R+V Betriebskrankenkasse evaluates the approximately 7,500 calls it receives each week using ProCall Analytics, among other tools. The telephone data is displayed in clear dashboards. This allows the service department to see when bottlenecks in communication occur


and to take appropriate countermeasures. Thanks to the flexibly customizable display options for telephone data, for example broken down by day, week or month, and the smooth functionality, ProCall Analytics has become indispensable.

The bottom line: Everything is so easy

It took just two months from project start to smooth implementation. R+V Betriebskrankenkasse set up the technology independently and within one week: "The instructions were self-explanatory and the installation was therefore extremely

easy. The estos software runs cleanly and has far exceeded our expectations," summarizes Swen Walter. "Everything is so easy, you could even switch phone providers overnight and ProCall Enterprise just keeps running. "

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