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Available soon: Microsoft Teams Integration in ProCall 7 Enterprise

Clever integration – undisturbed communication

Online meetings, text or audio/video chat, and the "classic" phone call - a variety of options make communication among colleagues and with customers so much easier. The hybrid workplace demands flexible solutions to enable uncomplicated communication. 

Undisturbed communication: With ProCall 7 Enterprise's free maintenance release, a smooth integration of Microsoft Teams will be available to you from February 2022 at the latest.

Presence synchronization with Microsoft Teams

To ensure that you are not distracted during a meeting or business appointment, we are currently working on a Microsoft Teams integration in ProCall 7 Enterprise. This will enable automatic presence synchronization between the two products.

Your benefits:

  • Identify availability in a transparent manner: Regardless of the product you are using, you can see whether your colleague is "in a meeting", "on a call" or "absent". For example, if you are currently on a call via ProCall 7 Enterprise, your presence status is automatically synchronized in Microsoft Teams.
  • Undisturbed communication: If a call comes in via ProCall 7 Enterprise while you are in a Microsoft Teams meeting or call, it will be rejected, depending on the setting. To ensure that you do not lose a call, the ProCall Enterprise journal shows you all contact attempts. This way you can fully concentrate on your meeting and deal with missed calls afterwards.

We are committed to your communication!

"The exchange between people is the basis of all business processes. Communicating with each other is both a need and a necessity. Especially in a time of complex digital transformation, communication must be simple and must not become a disruptive factor."

Robert Weiß, Senior Director Sales DACH


As an independent software vendor, we are constantly developing new ways to keep your business communications simple and flexible.

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Note: The integration of Microsoft Teams is only possible with ProCall 7 Enterprise. Are you still using older versions? Then find out about your upgrade from our certified estos Partners!

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