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CTI & UC for the CRM software AkquiseManager

The AkquiseManager is an industry-independent CRM software that enables you to efficiently manage, control and monitor your customer data and sales activities. The interfaces provided by AkquiseManager for ProCall Enterprise also allow you to access advanced CTI & UC features.

What benefit does the integration offer?

By integrating the AkquiseManager in ProCall Enterprise, the smart CRM system supports companies in their daily customer contact even better. For example, important information on the caller is already available when the call is received, and users can also make a call directly from the CRM with just one mouse click. In addition, the following functions are available to users:


Dial by mouse click: stored telephone numbers within the AkquiseManager are automatically detected and used for direct dialing when clicked. 

Accept a call with a mouse click: Even with the use of a headset, you can easily accept incoming telephone calls with the click of a mouse.

Display existing information: If AkquiseManager registers that the number is already in the customer database during an incoming telephone call, the corresponding master data sheet is immediately activated. Therefore, the user is presented with all the caller data before the call begins. 

Easy creation of new contacts: If the incoming call number is not yet stored in the database, it is automatically displayed in a template in order to create a portfolio for the customer. This can be conveniently completed during the call and then saved. 


What additional value do companies receive?

Companies using AkquiseManager in conjunction with ProCall Enterprise are interlinking their telephony solution with a key, leading program such as the AkquiseManager CRM software. This also gives you a variety of statistical evaluation options. So, within a customer folder a user can evaluate according to the number of inbound and outbound calls or the length of the call time with customers, divided between employees. 


Further information

More about AkquiseManager, the manufacturer behind ARANES or the integration with ProCall Enterprise can be found here.