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Enough theory: What digital transformation means in practice!

The topic of digital transformation is highly controversial. For some, it is a marketing term, for others it is a profound change that will affect all industries. What does digital transformation mean for you?

For me it is more than a marketing term. The term "digital transformation" describes the change in companies that is made possible by the use of internet-driven technologies. Digital transformation allows us to achieve a different status quo in the future when it comes to customer communication and process efficiency. Many companies develop or produce products that are similar to one another and must be quickly placed in a variety of markets. Companies that do not place importance on the process optimizations possible through digital transformation will be overtaken tomorrow by their competition. Therefore, I advise all companies to act now and not close their eyes to internet-driven technologies, and prepare for digital transformation, which will be the standard of tomorrow.

How do you advise companies to deal with digital transformation? Is there an ideal starting point in everyday business?

Basically, digital transformation affects all parts of the company, whether it's production, development, accounting or HR. However, internal and external communication connects all parts of the company. Therefore, this is a good starting point to deal with digital transformation.

To what extent does digital transformation affect small and medium-sized businesses? How do you profit, for example, on new internet technologies such as WebRTC?

In small and medium-sized businesses, hierarchal decision processes are smoother. Therefore, they have the advantage of being able to choose "Project Digital Transformation" without numerous rounds of discussion. They begin by identifying the current situation and, based on this, are able to adapt their communication. Digital transformation is a project in practice! WebRTC technology is gaining momentum with the support of popular companies, as nearly all browsers support the WebRTC standard. Uncomplicated audio/video chats are the result. This benefits companies, employees and customers.

Many companies plan on buying a new communication solution because they recognize the added value. However, are you worried about getting another "in house" stand-alone solution?

What do you recommend in this case? I understand it when companies express this fear. For an IT administrator, there is nothing more time-consuming than needing to maintain detached systems that have grown over the years and to ensure interoperability can be provided. However, manufacturers' developments in hardware and software do not stand still. Digital transformation offers companies new ways of communicating. Every company benefits from a regular review of their existing IT infrastructure. Our software products are based on standard interfaces and therefore offer a high level of flexibility and platform-independent investment security. Internet technologies such as WebRTC are firmly installed in the DNA of ProCall 6 Enterprise. With estos software, companies can build a bridge between established business processes and the communication solution. The communication processes of a company are very important innovation drivers of the digital transformation. This creates added value for employees and customers - no stand-alone solutions.

You have been with estos for a year now. What is significant about the estos brand for you?

The time went fast! The estos brand does not primarily mean the products to me. Of course, our products are orientated for the future and stand for quality and sustainability, as mentioned, due to the open standards and secure protocols. We've been looking at the opportunities that come with digital transformation for years. We help our partners and customers to benefit from digital transformation. For me, the employees of estos make the difference to the brand. We work together to ensure that our partners are optimally trained in dealing with estos products and know what they are doing. As a result, they provide an optimal communication solution for their customers and the companies that use estos software. With this, the first step in the project of digital transformation has been successfully completed.

In the interview: Peter Fischer, Account Manager Expert Partner DACH

Peter Fischer is a member of the estos sales team’s field service. He manages the postcode areas 1,2,3 and 4 and is always ready to help advise estos partners. 

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