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funkschau readers' poll: ProCall Meetings

You can vote for ProCall Meetings as "ICT Product of the Year 2021": funkschau has nominated our cloud service in the "Collaboration" category.  You can vote to help our GDPR-compliant ProCall Meetings to the podium and with a little luck could win an Amazon voucher.

"Information exchange, social contact, inspiration – nothing these days can be taken for granted anymore. Networking needs connection, and that's exactly what describes the essence of a digitally effective tool in the field of collaboration," is how funkschau describes the category.

Networking, connecting, collaborating – without being in the same place, that's exactly what we enable with our ProCall Meetings cloud service. It complements ProCall Enterprise with video conferencing for up to 15 participants.

New normal, new work, hybrid working – online meetings have been part of our everyday working lives since spring 2020 at the latest, when we all suddenly moved to working from home. Since then, the world of work has changed. The new normal consists of decentralized workplaces and switching between the office and home office. Video conferencing, which enables communication and collaboration even in teams, has become an integral part of the modern workplace.

We support you with our cloud service to work effectively and efficiently from home as well as in the office or on the road. Support ProCall Meetings and help us with your voice on the podium!

Simple, integrated, direct and GDPR compliant – we have picked out four highlights to confirm your choice for ProCall Meetings:

  • Easily organize video conferences with up to 15 people in your personal dashboard. Invite the desired participants by sending them the link. With a simple click, without any plug-ins or software download, they can join the online meeting.
  • Through integration with ProCall Enterprise, scheduled and ongoing online meetings flow into the presence management system. If you are currently in a video conference, your colleagues will see the corresponding status as well as the information "in meeting". You can also use call protection and busy-on-busy.
  • Start video conferences directly and immediately in the ProCall call or chat window or in the ProCall Meetings dashboard via the "Meet Now" button. Switch from the ProCall main window to the dashboard with just one click!
  • GDPR compliant – of course! All servers used have a location within the European Union.

Still not convinced?

Watch our Video on ProCall Meetings or simply try ProCall Meetings yourself – for 30 days, free of charge, without obligation and independent of ProCall Enterprise. You still have until September 26th to vote for our cloud service.

Vote now!   (in German)

And with a little luck you can win one of many valuable Amazon vouchers raffled by funkschau.

We are counting on you!