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"Hello again" at the estos Distribution Meeting 2021!

Finally, the time had come again: After exactly 859 days, it was once again possible to exchange ideas with our distribution partners in person! On 12-13 October, we met in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria to discuss the latest news about the estos Channel.

In the midst of things instead of just being there: The first hybrid event from estos

After a pandemic online distribution meeting last year, it was very exciting for us to hold the event this year as a hybrid. This way, even more colleagues from our distribution partners could be present and experience a relaxed but definitely discussion-friendly atmosphere.

"Family reunion" 12.0

"The estos Distribution Meeting is like a family reunion" – we are particularly pleased with this feedback from our participants!

After 12 years, the Distribution Meeting is a permanent fixture in the calendar for our distribution partners. In addition to the latest news from the "estos universe", the exchange among the distribution partners plays an important role. The small, personal setting offers the perfect opportunity to do this.  

Excursion to the "Cradle of satellite radio"

It is cold and rainy when we start our day out. The bus takes us to Raisting, an idyllically situated town south of Lake Ammersee. In the middle of the picturesque Alpine foothills, huge satellite dishes protrude from fields and meadows. Even though the panorama of the Alps is hidden by thick clouds, the sight of the huge antennae is impressive, almost surreal. On site, we meet Mr. Hermann Martin. As a contemporary witness, he is an expert on the radome and the Raisting radio station. For the next 1½ hours he takes us on an exciting journey into the past and the present of satellite radio.


Among other things, Antenna 1 broadcast the first moon landing in 1969 to the whole world. To protect the sensitive satellite dish antenna and the electronics, a supporting shell weighing almost 10 tons was attached. The "Raistinger Dome", known as a radome in technical jargon, is the landmark of the radio station.  

In the spring of 2020, the radome lost its cover; storm "Bianca" destroyed the supporting shell, which weighed around 10 tons. We are offered a unique view of the inner workings of the otherwise hidden Antenna 1. However, since a new shell is being prepared for installation at the time of our visit, we are able to get an idea of the effort involved. From a distance, we marvel at a 750-ton crane that was delivered with the help of a total of 11 trucks. Depending on the weather conditions, the new cover will be installed over the next few days and the "Raistinger Dome" will regain its distinctive shape!


More information about the earth station and the radome Raisting can be found here

Thanks to all distribution partners!

It was again a great pleasure to meet you, to talk with you and to go on a discovery tour together. We are already looking forward to our next distribution meeting in 2022 and thank you for the great cooperation, your trust and your feedback.

Update: On Sunday, 18 October, 2021, the radome received its new cover and from now on hides again under a bright white dome.