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New challenges, new circumstances: It is not only in soccer that it’s necessary to constantly review your line-up and adapt to new situations. Every company also uses its own playing field to land targeted hits with perfect tactics! Communication on the pitch is crucial, whether playing soccer or in the workplace. 

Get off the bench – you're guaranteed to score with this line-up!

Right in the middle instead of just being there – for every team player it is more exciting to be actively involved in the game. With ProCall Enterprise, you can easily communicate beyond the sidelines! You can see who of your team players is currently available with presence management. Whether with the contact portal on your website or the multimedia business card, you can also show your spectators whether you are currently playing. Talking about contact: Various possibilities such as text and audio/video chat offer an active, simple contacting!

A smarter team player: ProCall Meetings

Bring your team together with ProCall Meetings! Up to 15 participants can discuss the next game quickly, easily and without downloads and plug-ins. Screen sharing and text chat offer an interactive team exchange – even if the players are currently at home. 

Escape offside – with a system for successful teamwork

Make full use of your existing resources with MetaDirectory! The intelligent preparation of your contact data makes searching and presenting results a breeze, even with large databases. With a connection to your ERP or CRM system, relevant data is immediately available when you call. This way you can dribble the ball with skill at the first ring of your phone.

After the game is before the game

ProCall Analytics is the perfect tool for your strategic and tactical game analysis! Where could you start with a clever counterattack? Which player still needs support? With ProCall Analytics you evaluate your communication data, you recognize bottlenecks and can redefine the deployment of your players. 

Still warming up

A new player in the estos line-up is currently warming up: Starting in the third quarter, we will be offering ProCall Business, an attractive all-in-one package for up to 50 workstations. To ensure that the opening game is a success, the product is currently being tested for use.

Training sessions for your next game: The estos training and webinar program

Stay on the ball: With the estos training program, we keep you fit for your next installation! And for small training units in between, we offer you free webinars on estos’s software products.

Buy your ticket now for our next, joint game!

To the training program

To the webinars

We also remain on the ball for you, in order to continue to offer you software of the highest quality standard. We wish you much success with your next game!