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ProCall DataCenter – location-independent communication for large corporations

Distributed locations, several thousand users whose communication and collaboration must be guaranteed – despite distance. In times of the hybrid workplace, large companies and corporations have to overcome numerous technical, legal and organizational hurdles. With the new ProCall DataCenter, estos offers a stable, secure software solution  – made in Germany!

The multi-server environment

ProCall DataCenter is specially tailored to the particular technical, legal and organizational challenges of large companies and corporations with distributed locations and complex ICT environments:

  • One UC and media server is installed per site or 2,500 users. These work together with the REDIS database, the SQL server and Active Directory.
  • The UC and media servers can be scaled as required and can work with different telephone systems or cloud PBXs. The UC servers are bound together to form one system.
  • Users can interact with each other across servers, for example chatting via text, audio or video.
ProCall DataCenter highlights


  • If several UC servers are in use, only the users of the respective server are affected by a server failure, not the entire system.
  • User availability is increased.

Distributed locations

  • One UCServer can be installed per location
  • Users can be grouped virtually regardless of location.

Large environments

  • Multiple UCServers can be deployed at the same site to accommodate the required number of users.
  • Multiple administrators can manage the system.

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