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Ready to take off? A technical journey with the estos training program!

With the new estos partner program we are pursuing one goal: to achieve above-average satisfaction among end user companies. For this to succeed, the sound technical training for certified estos partners is of great importance.

"estos is a great comprehensive UC solution that has worked perfectly for many years. So that we are always up to date, the training sessions are an important part of the partnership. The course instructor was very competent and answered questions in a straightforward manner."

Loris Morini,, certified estos Expert Partner 2021


In an interview, our technical trainer Jürgen Greger-Restle tells us how he manages the successful transfer of knowledge during the training sessions.

Jürgen, you have been a technical trainer at estos for more than a year now. What is important to you when conducting the training?

I would like to take the participants on a beautiful, technical journey. The thematic transfer of knowledge is just as important as a positive basic mood. The training is not a boring monologue, but an active dialogue, which I invite the participants to take part in. 

What are your personal challenges in your daily training?

Responding to the individual needs of the group so that nobody is left behind! The participants rarely have the same level of knowledge. It is important to find the right program. Newcomers need the right impulses to implement what they have learned, at the same time the participants' know-how needs to be enhanced with more experience.

How do you manage this balancing act between the different requirements?

At the beginning we clarify the expectations and personal goals of the participants. With this knowledge I can determine the exact "itinerary". A good feedback from the participants and myself is essential. With the feedback and the experiences of the last almost 14 months, I have built a solid foundation to react flexibly to different requirements. Like in a good team, the participants learn from each other – and I learn from the participants.

Due to the recent circumstances of the last months, the training courses are currently only held online. How does this affect the transfer of knowledge?

The personal exchange is naturally limited with the online training courses. However, this also has some advantages: no "host" distracts the group, the concentration is focused on the technical training. Clear rules of communication ensure that all questions are asked personally and answered conclusively by me. This is demanding and requires a certain amount of self-discipline. If this is present, the participants benefit from a very intensive transfer of knowledge.

What can you tell us about the new final exams or certificate of achievement in the training courses?

The test consists of 15 questions for the Upgrade Training, 20 questions for the Business Partner Training and 30 questions for the Expert Partner Training. If at least 80% of these questions are answered correctly, the performance is certified. The participant receives his personal qualification certificate, the entitlement to the NFR licenses and the rights of use of the partner logo of the respective category with a validity of 2 years. Thus, an important criterion for company certification is fulfilled. In order to answer the questions correctly, the participant must pay attention during the entire training course.

What happens if a participant does not reach the 80%?

In this case a re-examination will follow. Before that I tried to find out what the problem was. The participant was already very disappointed that they had not reached 80%. After telephone coaching, the test was repeated and the participant reached an incredible 100%! They were overjoyed and I was very happy with the result.

What is your advice to participants who look to the examination with mixed feelings?

Keep Cool – just take it easy!

A nice final word - thank you very much, I wish you many more successful, technical journeys with our partners!


More information about the new estos partner program is available HERE