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"Simply chat live" – how we make your customer's life easier with LiveChat

Theófilos Kokkotas, Director Business Development at estos, in conversation with Sibylle Klein, Content Production Manager at estos.

"They'll be in contact if they need anything!" How do you deal with prospective customers and clients who surf your websites? Speak directly, waste no time and answer all questions as quickly as possible, recommends Theofilos Kokkotas.

Sibylle Klein: Theófilos, you talk a lot with customers and interested parties from all industries. What are the most common reasons for using LiveChat?

Theófilos Kokkotas: Imagine you are surfing on a site because you are interested in a particular item and might want to buy something. However, the website alone does not provide you with sufficient information, and you still have questions. Usually you have to fill out a contact form and enter your personal data. And then it can take a while for you to get a response. Most customers want the answers immediately.

Sibylle Klein: How can LiveChat help website visitors get the information they want faster?

Theófilos Kokkotas: With LiveChat you can take your website visitor by the hand and guide him to exactly where he wants to go. In concrete terms, the procedure is as follows: A visitor lands on your homepage. A window at the edge of the screen, the so-called "intelligent" website widget, suggests you as a contact person, for example. You can either chat directly with the customer now or they can simply chat with you via a mouse click. So, he gets the information needed quickly and easily. LiveChat turns your homepage into a way of communicating with your customers, so that you can get in touch with them at a very early stage of their research. This accelerates the decision-making process.

Sibylle Klein: What are the most important advantages for you?

Theófilos Kokkotas: In contrast to communicating via telephone or e-mail, LiveChat combines speed with personalization. The company can help the customer directly on their website. For the customer, contact is simple and without any unnecessary distractions.

Sibylle Klein: Is LiveChat suitable for all business sectors? Or do you see an area to focus on?

Theófilos Kokkotas: In general, estos LiveChat is worthwhile for any company. This is because customers everywhere appreciate it when you personally take care of them and they receive immediate answers to their questions. In addition, smaller companies in particular can distinguish themselves from their competitors in this way. In the age of the internet, comparison portals and digitization, competition is practically unlimited. LiveChat is particularly interesting for businesses that offer products that require a lot of explanation and advice, such as insurance and travel.

Sibylle Klein: How can LiveChat help here?

Theófilos Kokkotas: Well, that's very simple. The consultant has the possibility to share his screen with you during a call and therefore explain an insurance product or a trip in more detail. Afterwards, a presentation or an offer can be sent directly in the chat.

Sibylle Klein: Theófilos, I think it is clear now how companies can make the lives of their customers easier. But what do companies get out of it?

Theófilos Kokkotas: Stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction, higher productivity, improved customer journey and higher conversion rate, these are the essential advantages. Ultimately, this is how companies increase their business success.

Sibylle Klein: Theófilos, thank you very much for the informative and friendly conversation.

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