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Use more options: You can expand ProCall Enterprise smartly

Since its first release in 2003, ProCall Enterprise, as a unified communications & CTI software suite, helps companies improve their internal and external communications. Today, with each release adding new features, ProCall Enterprise combines all the major communication channels in a single application, offering not only traditional methods of communication such as fax, telephone and e-mail, but also ways to deliver real-time audio/video chats through the company website.

What are the benefits of expanding ProCall Enterprise?

An expansion of ProCall Enterprise develops additional value to your daily communication. This makes recurring work-steps easier for your employees and, at the same time, they benefit from the fact that all of the software components come from the same company, which means they are highly interoperable and can be maintained with little additional expenditure.

 Expand with ProCall Analytics – understand the communication data and take future measures

ProCall Analytics is an additional module that evaluates daily communication data and presents it in a clear way. As a result, companies gain a better insight into the telephone activities of their employees: which customers phone the most, the duration of an average telephone call, which projects have the highest call volume, or the peak hours of a hotline? ProCall Analytics delivers all this valuable information in dashboards. The cost of configuration is minimal.

Tip: Your personal data is protected, of course. Thanks to the extensive authorization system and the possibility to restrict evaluations at group level, more restrictive scenarios are also possible.

Expansion with MetaDirectory – easy access to contact information

MetaDirectory ensures that all available contact data within a company, for example, via a customer – is available quickly on a company-wide basis, if required. When a call is received by an employee of your company, stored information such as the name, customer number, or current jobs are displayed directly in the opening conversation window. This allows the employee an overview before the call begins, enabling them to greet the caller by name and, if necessary, switch to a CRM, ERP or special industry program with just one click of the mouse, e.g. to initiate a new order. Now, the employee does not have to switch between different programs and the caller feels valued by this professional customer service.

Tip: You can also connect CRM and ERP programs from the cloud, as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM/NAV/AX/CRM Online, SAP CRM/R3/Business One, Salesforce, Office365 and DATEV pro. In addition, the conversation window can be customized on request. You can obtain a Professional Service "ERP/CRM Integration" directly via estos.

Expansion with ixi-UMS – additional use of fax, voice and SMS

Through the additional integration of ixi-UMS into ProCall Enterprise, the services fax, voice and SMS are also available in one application. In addition to the workplace, the user can also access his inbox via a smartphone or tablet whilst out of office, and retrieve, listen to and manage all messages. The ability to receive messages without using the e-mail server also adds flexibility. ixi-UMS is available in two versions: for small businesses, ixi-UMS Business offers a complete solution that is particularly easy to use and requires little maintenance. ixi-UMS Enterprise is ideal for all major installations and offers a flexible, modular design.

Tip: Thanks to the All-IP capability, modern fax solutions such as ixi-UMS will also be available in full functionality, even after Deutsche Telekom has switched its telephone networks in 2018.

More information about ProCall Enterprise's smart expansion can be found here.