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What is CTI?

What is CTI?

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration. CTI describes how to use the software installed on your PC to directly control your workstation phone. For example, instead of entering a phone number manually, highlight a number in the browser and press a specific key on the keyboard. The call will start automatically and can also be ended with one click. The different commands are defined as "hotkeys". For example, clicking F8 will cause the phone to dial the highlighted number.

How do companies benefit from CTI?

For decades, CTI functions have simplified the day-to-day work of the self-employed, small and medium-sized companies and corporations. The time saved with these computer-based functions can be used for other things. In addition, possible sources of error, such as "typing" errors, are reduced.

An example: Telephone numbers that are already visible on the screen must be manually entered into the telephone keypad. If the number is mistyped, it can take up to 30 seconds before the call can be started. 30 seconds for one call! With multiple calls a day, this amount of time can quickly add up – time that can be better used on other tasks. Without CTI, companies give up an essential opportunity to work more efficiently.

What role does CTI play in the workplace of the future?

In times of digital transformation more and more companies are digitizing their communication and information processes in order to maintain and expand their competitive position. Here CTI plays a central role. The telephone is still one of the most important means of communication for businesses. Smart control of the phone via the PC is the basis for efficient communication. In other words, CTI is the starting point to take advantage of other modern and digital communication solutions.

CTI functions are a part of unified communications (UC) software. All common communication channels such as telephone, e-mail, fax and chat are bundled into a leading application. UC provides a company’s employees with comprehensive opportunities to improve internal and external communication and collaboration.

CTI can also be expanded in a meaningful way. If a company’s communication solution is connected with CRM, ERP or special industry programs, the result is further added value. At the beginning of the call, all information about the caller available to the company is immediately available. The caller can be welcomed by name and any available information can be used in a productive manner. With one click, an employee can change from the conversation window in an ERP program to activate an order. Or a customer file is opened in a CRM to make changes in the master data. The information displayed when the call arrives can be customized according to the industry and individual needs.

All this requires CTI as a basis. For this reason, every business should use CTI capabilities as a starting point for more efficient telephony. On the basis of this improved telephony experience, further beneficial communication solutions can be implemented. Therefore, a company can set the course today to meet the workplace requirements of the future.

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