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Digital Transformation. With estos.

estos develops software designed to improve communication and collaboration in enterprises. Communications processes are the important drivers of innovation for Digital Transformation. Within these processes, communications applications, networking, the provision of data and the optimization of business processes play an important role. As a result, Unified Communications software from estos is the first choice for enterprises wanting to engage with Digital Transformation.

The Challenge of Digital Transformation


The term “Digital Transformation” describes the change in enterprise made possible by the use of Internet-driven technologies. To harness the opportunities that this provides, enterprises need to verify their information and communications processes and adapt them if necessary. 


Unified Communications software from estos uses state-of-the-art, Internet-based technology such as WebRTC and is both fast and easy to integrate. Enterprises, administrators and users benefit from it - right from the very first second. 

Unified Communications and CTI: Products for Digital Transformation

Our products are easy to install and use. They are typically used in enterprises and organizations which employ between five and 2,500 users per site. A highly competent network of partners provides service and support. The broad compatibility with telephone systems, service providers and applications represents an important protection of their investment for many enterprises that choose estos software. 

estos product portfolio

Since it was founded in 1997, estos has capitalized on technology trends based on standards. The integration of computer and telephone (CTI) with the CSTA standard was the hallmark of the company’s first decade, while Unified Communications and the Internet with all its possibilities define the current phase. In the field of WebRTC, estos is regarded as the pioneer and has been offering seamless communication via the website since 2012. 

More about WebRTC

Areas of application for estos software designed to implement Digital Transformation


Customer Visits without Travel Costs 
Always directly on site with audio/video chat!

With video chat based on WebRTC, you can conduct a face-to-face call even over large distances. Integrated as a  technology component in a company’s website WebRTC enables a new communications channel with your customers. You benefit from personal contact without any travel costs.



Chat for B2B-Communication
Complete control at your own business address!

With federation, a technical concept based on open standards and secure protocols for networking enterprises, you can set up and manage personalized presence addresses for your staff in the same way as you do - and value - for e-mail. Expand your B2B communication with secure audio / video or text chats. 



Increase the amount of information available to staff 
Communicate professionally with ready-prepared contact details!

Often, contact data and associated information is stored in different directories and databases. Through its intelligent preparation and presentation in a communications context, data becomes knowledge that allows employees to shine.



Simplify Processes - with a call direct to the CRM
Fast and straightforward integration with the instant effect! 

Key communications functions can frequently be integrated with little input into CRM, ERP and support systems. Business processes are therefore significantly simplified. Little effort and a lower error rate when processing customer enquiries instantly lead to higher staff and customer satisfaction.

Successful Digital Transformation demands expertise. This is where our partners come in.

estos develops modern software that, if implemented with the right technical background, delivers benefits straight away and can be integrated into a wide variety of scenarios. Sales are made via a competent network of partners, who can offer service and support from testing with quotations to operation as managed services.

estos’ award-winning partners have acquired their expertise through the estos Partner Program. This knowledge is regularly refreshed in workshops. estos partners are future-enabled and will help you drive the Digital Transformation forward in your enterprise. 

Are you a systems integrator or specialist retailer and want to gain or further your knowledge of estos Unified Communications software?

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Do you want to use the software, are you interested in solutions with estos products and are you looking for a competent estos partner near you?

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