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With momentum into the new year

With momentum into the new year 2022

2021 was a very special year. From working from home back into the office and back home again: the pandemic has once again shown us the relevance that the flexible workplace has and will have in the future.

Hybrid working 2022

From the breakfast table straight into the online meeting - many of us spent a large part of our working time at home in 2021. Comfortable and productive work without long commutes, more time for family and friends – isn't that great?

But let's be honest, didn't this sometimes really get on your nerves? And wasn't it nice to meet colleagues "live" again? The estos team also spent a lot of time working from home in 2021. In the summer, some life returned to our offices – out of the "bubble" and back to life! Lunch together was suddenly a highlight, almost "like before".

The stage is set for hybrid working, and the trend will continue in 2022. Let's take a look at our planning for the new year!

In person on site or online – our event planning 2022

We look forward to meeting you in person at our Brewery Tour 2022! We expect to tour across Germany in May/June. In a nutshell, you will receive first-hand information about estos products. Afterwards, we will finally have the opportunity to talk comfortably over good food again.

For a concise update in the meantime, numerous online webinars await you! With Tech Esssentials LIVE, we present know-how on current topics from service and support every third Tuesday of the month. Partner News LIVE provides the latest information on our products.

Experience ProCall LIVE – a best practice for the effective use of estos products: Here we show you and your end customers tips and tricks for users. You will find all webinars for partners from mid-January in!

Communication that connects – from 2022 for "major events" as well

In large installations with many users and different locations, our partners often face complicated challenges in providing a well-functioning, flexible communications solution. In 2022, we offer the right solution for this:

"With ProCall DataCenter, we are pleased to offer a product that is tailored to the needs of large organizations. Simple overall system management as well as scalability is our core claim. ProCall DataCenter will inspire you beyond!"

Philipp Schmidt Product Manager


We are positive about the future and look forward to leaving our "bubble" in 2022 and interacting personally with our partners and customers. Have a good start into the new year!

Your estos team

We are interested in your opinion!

How will you design your workplace in 2022? Do you work from home, or hybrid? Send us an e-mail at .