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ECSTA for Unify OpenScape Business

Professional TAPI driver for your Unify OpenScape Business
Supported functions

  • Dial
  • Hang up
  • Answer call
  • Hold call
  • Retrieve call
  • Redirect call
  • Blind transfer
  • Setup transfer
  • Swap hold
  • Complete transfer

        • Create conference
        • Add to conference
        • Remove from conference
        • Pickup
        • DTMF dialing
        • Dial in dial tone mode
        • Forwarding
        • Do not disturb
        • Message waiting 


        To connect to a Unify OpenScape business telephone system, CSTA middleware is required. This middleware is integrated either as hardware in the PBX (OpenScape UC Business Booster Card) or run as software on SUSE Enterprise Linux (OpenScape UC Booster Business Server). Details for both versions and start-up can be found in the ECSTA for Unify OpenScape Business operating instructions.

        Supported system versions

        • Unify OpenScape Business X3
        • Unify OpenScape Business X5
        • Unify OpenScape Business X8
        • Unify OpenScape Business S

        Identical and supported systems from other vendors

        • Telekom Octopus F X3
        • Telekom Octopus F X5
        • Telekom Octopus F X8

        Support with Booster Firmware V1 R2.0.0.28 or higher

        Collaborations and certifications