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ProCall Client

ProCall Enterprise for Microsoft Windows

With its proven UC features and business process integration capability, ProCall Enterprise reliably simplifies enterprise communications regardless of location and enables flexible workplace and work time models.


  • Integrates seamlessly into the familiar Windows working environment
  • A design adapted to Windows 11
  • All features and integrations under Microsoft Windows without restriction
  • Connecting mobile workstations without VPN
  • Always compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows version

Presence Management


Different factors such as telephoning or making an appointment influence the presence that is automatically created. Always keep an eye on the availability of all your colleagues and control your own availability by setting your presence status manually:

  • Green: Available
  • Red: Busy (in a call, meeting, appointment)
  • Red/white: Do not disturb (can be combined with call forwarding)
  • Yellow/Green: Inactive (automatic status)
  • Yellow: Absent (even with appointment set to Absent).
  • Gray: no presence information available (e.g. not logged in to the server)

Bundled communication


ProCall combines different communication channels under one interface and thus considerably simplifies communication. This eliminates the need for tedious switching between different applications. The communication channels are as follows:

  • Telephone (CTI, SIP, ProCall Mobile)
  • Audio or video chat (via WebRTC)
  • Text chat with all the usual functions
  • Calendar integration (optional)
  • Switch to the e-mail program with one click (optional)
  • Video conferencing with ProCall Meetings (optional)
  • Presence matching with Microsoft Teams (optional)



The connection of telephone and computer was the birth of ProCall in 1997. Today, we can connect telephone systems from different manufacturers:

  • Local in the company network
  • From the cloud

Each ProCall Enterprise workstation has two lines. You can decide whether you want to make calls directly via the PC with a headset in addition to the desk phone. Basically, you can choose between the following combinations:

  • Two classic telephone lines (CTI)
  • Two SIP lines
  • One SIP line and one classic telephone line

The client: The focal point of communication

My area is called the upper area of the client. There I can make settings for my availability and communication:

  • Manually setting the presence
  • Create presence profiles
  • Note under the name visible to all colleagues
  • Configuration of communication channels, such as setting call forwarding
  • If a contact portal is connected, I can log in there

In the search line I can search in all connected data sources or directly enter and dial a phone number.

The results are presented to me in the SEARCH tab.

In the FAVORITES tab I can organize my contacts.

  • Add or remove contacts to favorites
  • Organize contacts in groups
  • Global provisioning of groups via the administrator

 In the JOURNAL tab, I have an overview of the communications I have made. INCOMPLETE lists my missed communication and under PLANNED I can plan tasks for the future for myself, but also for my colleagues (depending on the group policy).

I get the new tab CHAT from version 8. There I have summarized all my chats.



Telephone: The communication classic


  • Dial, Answer, Hang up
  • Reject, Connect, Forward
  • Consultation, Toggle, Spontaneous conference
  • Pick up calls from colleagues
  • Toggle then transfer


  • Call waiting/second call
  • Configure call forwarding
  • Phone numbers as favorites
  • Dial keypad with DTMF support
  • Dial phone numbers via hotkey

With the integrated SIP-compatible softphone, you can make VoIP phone calls at the Windows workstation and in the smartphone app.

Here you can find a list of supported telephone systems:

See list

Function overview for the corresponding telephone system:

See overview

Video: Face-to-face communication

In this age of working from home and mobile working, video calls are a good substitute for a joint meeting in the office. During a video call, you can:

  • Share documents, images, videos and links
  • Screen sharing for collaborative work on documents



Chat: Up-to-date communication
estos Chat Software Mockup

With the new tab for your text chat in ProCall 8 Enterprise you keep all chats at a glance

  • Forward, reply and delete messages
  • Sending documents, images or videos
  • Media overview for the respective chat partner or group
  • Listing common groups
  • and much more

Optional integrations
Calendar and e-mail


The integration of a calendar software lets your appointments flow into the presence management system. With the integration of e-mail, they can switch to your used e-mail program with just one click.

Integration of:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • HCL Notes
  • G Suite from Google

ProCall Meetings


By integrating ProCall Meetings into the ProCall client for Windows, you can use ProCall Meetings features such as start meeting, schedule meeting and invite participants. You can easily send meeting invitations and links to a meeting via chat or email.

Learn more

Microsoft Teams


The integration of ProCall Enterprise with Microsoft Teams enables mutual reconciliation of presence and conversation status. Regardless of the product used, you can see whether your colleague is "in a meeting", "on a call" or "absent". For example, if you are currently on a call via ProCall Enterprise, your presence status is automatically synchronized in Microsoft Teams.

Learn more


Here you will find information material about the product and links to technical articles about e.g. setup and commissioning.


Information on ProCall Enterprise

Your contact partner

Learn even more about ProCall Enterprise, the possible uses and combinations, and about upgrade and crossgrade procedures from other product versions. Feel free to contact me.

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