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Expand Unified Communications & CTI Suite ProCall Enterprise Smartly

Analytics, unified messaging and MetaDirectory provide useful features

ProCall Analytics, ixi-UMS and MetaDirectory – with these software products, estos offers meaningful expansions to its unified communications & CTI suite ProCall Enterprise. Partners of the Starnberg-based manufacturer can therefore offer their customers significant added value, while end users benefit from the additional functions: The evaluation of the communication data with ProCall Analytics provides a quick overview of call volume and availability. The option to send and receive faxes, voice and short messages on the PC with ixi-UMS completes the communication possibilities. Merging all company data into one directory, the MetaDirectory, is the foundation of business process integration. ProCall Enterprise offers unified communications & CTI with capabilities for computer telephony, presence management, instant messaging and audio/video chat. The software suite can be used platform-independent and cross-device and offers native clients for iOS and Android. "A decisive advantage for our partners is that they have all products from a single source," explains Robert Weiß, Senior Sales Director DACH at estos. "Therefore, they have a contact person for all matters relating to our software. The end user will enjoy perfectly balanced products."

ProCall Analytics displays communication data in clear dashboards. Here, the user sees, for example, telephone call duration, number of calls per hour or reasons for missed calls. Companies get an overview of capabilities and bottlenecks in communication-intensive processes. On this basis, companies can optimize their decisions.

ixi-UMS unified messaging software supplements the estos UC software with the communication services of fax, voice and SMS. Users can manage, send and receive UM messages with the usual e-mail client. Users can also initiate faxes directly from the ProCall Monitor with the appropriate contact. "The combination of these two products makes ProCall Enterprise and ixi-UMS a unified messaging and unified communications suite that serves all major communication channels in the company," said Bernd Kattner, Product Manager at estos.

MetaDirectory brings all the data sources used in the company together into one central directory. This speeds-up the ProCall Enterprise search for contacts: the user gets the results faster. All relevant caller information is displayed in a call window on the PC screen.

 "We are happy to support our partners in bringing the benefits of smart expansions to the end user," says Susanna Heine, Deputy Head of Marketing & Communications. "Sales-supporting measures, roll-ups or campaigns tailored to the respective target group are available to our partners on request." More information can be found at

Expand Unified Communications & CTI Suite ProCall Enterprise Smartly