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Now Available: ixi-UMS 6 Business

estos Unified Messaging Server now as a simple complete package for small businesses

The software producer estos from Starnberg has now released the brand-new version of the ixi-UMS Unified Messaging Server: ixi-UMS 6 Business is especially designed for small businesses with up to 100 employees. Predefined packages for 5 to 100 users include the UM features: fax, voice and SMS, including mobile access. The integration into messaging systems takes place via the SMTP connector, and the connection to PBXs via SIP, H.323 or CAPI. The integration capability in ProCall Enterprise completes the spectrum. "We have designed the installation, administration and implementation to be as easy as possible," explains Bernd Kattner, product manager at estos GmbH. "Our partners can quickly integrate the UM features into their customers’ system environments and make them easily available to their employees."

 The functions in Detail

ixi-UMS 6 Business complements existing messaging systems such as Microsoft Exchange Server or IBM Domino with additional features such as fax, voicemail or SMS. The user intuitively handles the new message types with its familiar e-mail client. Fax messages are received in the inbox as e-mails with a PDF file attachment. Faxes can be sent by opening a new e-mail window. Here, the user can write texts or attach documents, addressing them to a fax number with the appropriate identification, for example, The rest is taken over by ixi-UMS 6 Business. The "Voice" function provides a software-based answering machine. Ixi-UMS 6 delivers business messages in the form of a WAV file in the respective inbox. The user can then listen to the message via his telephone or PC with sound card and edit it like an e-mail. Browser-based, it allows the user to configure the voice mailbox, for example, to create profiles or set up call forwarding. Short messages can be sent simply via a "new e-mail" to an address such as:, and are sent by preconfigured SMS providers via http. An account with one of these SMS providers must be available.

Client Tools

ixi-UMS Client Tools, which is also available in the brand-new version, offers additional convenience. The Fax printer driver included in the Client Tools makes it possible to send faxes from all Windows programs that have a printing function. Based on Microsoft Word, the users can use features for Autofax or serial fax. With Autofax, you can send faxes directly from a Word document: ixi-UMS 6 Business recognizes the fax number using predefined criteria. Serial faxes can be created similar to serial letters. Faxes or short messages can also be launched directly from Microsoft Outlook contacts: The user marks the contact and selects "Fax" or "SMS" in the ixi-UMS. An e-mail window with an appropriate address will open.

Mobile Access

On the road, ixi-UMS 6 Business users can access all messages in the inbox via PC, phone, smartphone or tablet via the e-mail mailbox. Voice messages can be listened to remotely by mobile phone or by telephone. Users then have the option to either reply with a voice message, or to forward or delete the message. In addition, the user can use a web browser via a smartphone or tablet to read faxes and SMS messages in the inbox or listen to any voice messages.

Integration in ProCall Enterprise
Furthermore, the Unified Messaging Server can be integrated into the Unified Communications and CTI Software Suite ProCall Enterprise. Users can initiate faxes directly from the ProCall client and are informed of new fax messages in the sum bubble. The voice mailbox can be configured via ProCall and the ixi-UMS Journal can be managed in the client.

Availability and Further Information

ixi-UMS 6 Business from estos is now available directly from estos or sales partners such as ITK distributors, qualified retailers and trained system integrators. Further information can be found at .

Now Available: ixi-UMS 6 Business